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Project Work

What’s Jack up to? He’s back to being snappy. I don’t know what’s gotten into Jack lately with this. I think the Dear Twins have been playing with him too much and he thinks this snapping thing is cool. Well it must stop. I’ve got enough people growling and snapping at me. I don’t need demands from Mister Jack.

Project Runway starts and the designers are just as baffled over Keith’s win as I was. Then Heidi and the sweet Chris March comes out in full drag and looking fab announcing they have to design a look for a drag queen.
Fun. Fun. Fun.

In comes Tim say the look will be auctioned off to Broadway cares and the winner will have immunity. Yay something to fight for and fight they will.
First Joe says he’s out of his element then later he dances with a bra on. Hmm…

Blayne says if he was a drag queen his name would be Neon-licious and he actually gives me my first laugh of the night. I hate the licious but I guess I was missing it. Then Leanne said Barf-licious and I really cracked up. Nice.

Back in the work room it’s a Cirque gone wrong and we get background on Jerell and Suede which makes me worried for each of them. Keith is doing fringe. Why is he always going all these pieacy swatch things? I’m so over Keith.
The Drag queens come back in as their normal every day selves and they are unrecognizable.
It’s try on time.
Jerell’s Queen is not in love.
Hedda Lettuce is not happy and called Suede lazy. Bam. I told you I was worried for both of them. Suede said that she’s going to be soggy Lettuce.

On the walkthrough with Chris, Tim called Blayne’s outfit “A terradactyl out of the gay Jurassic Park.” Not good if you ask me but Blayne thought it was in his little warped mind. Whatever gets you through the day.
Chris and Tim thought Joe was fantastic. What?
Suede they liked and then they told him to have it out with Hedda Lettuce. Ha they just want to see Suede get his butt kicked by a drag queen.
Keith got different. Never good.
Daniel was plain but he’s not worried. Okay dude.

Runway day and if you ask me the queens look a little dragged through the mud. Please to make up.
Hedda lettuce and Suede have words and Hedda Lettuce is sweet as pie. Aww. Such a Lady.
Stella gives me my 3rd full out laugh of the night laugh when she says “Jerell’s outfit is classy how ev-ah these broads aren’t classy.” This from Lea-tha Stella! I love it. But she does look nice for the Runway show tonight. And hey RuPaul is the guest judge. You’d Better Work!
Now for the runway show.

Blayne-No Joe-yes-model loved her outfit.

Stella-yes. Why is one of her best for a drag queen?


Daniel-ok-but not enough. Just a dress.

Terri yes- My fave. She stepped up the game
Jerell-yes but ok.

Korto-Just ok. Keith-messy-Hey, Heidi said the same thing.
Leanne-old age spacey? No.
And the winner is Terri, What! Joe. I cannot believe that Terri missed out again. This is getting on my nerves.

Now it’s down to Daniel and Keith out this week is… Daniel. Great. Not. I can look forward to more fringe next week.

On Shear Genius Nicole won the short cut challenge and Daniel is okay with that. Right.
The big challange is to create a hair style to reflect a season for a photo shoot. Rene say’s “Go Shake It.” The season is almost over and I still don’t know what that means. Does anybody?

Sidebar: I just saw the commercial about voting for fan favorite. I kind of want to start a grass roots campaign for Oshun. The Stylist that never was. I still think he would have made that show for me. Let’s all go on line and vote Oshun. Wouldn’t it be funny if he won ten grand?
Then a bombshells is dropped the guest judge is Linda Wells the editor of Allure.
The photographer, whose name I totally missed, was a nightmare. Making Daniel drop flowers and pull down hair to a wet mess.
The winner of the challenge was Charlie and I agree with that.
Out this week is Daniel. Taken out by a sad red braid.

photos thanks to Bravo