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Project Lube Job

What’s Jack up to? Not too much mischief today. Of course sneaking upstairs to the kids rooms when he can. There’s always fun trouble to get into up there so how can you blame him for trying, but all in all he’s being pretty quiet. I should stay on the lookout. I’m sure he’s up to something.

Project Runway starts out this week and Keith is doubting himself. Uh oh. Poor Keith.
The designers are sent to a garage and shown a bunch of Saturn cars, some old school shopping carts and told to have at it it’s Supermarket Sweeps! They have 4 minutes to grab all the car trash they can to come up with enough stuff to create an innovative outfit. And this time it had better be innovative because Grim Tim has pulled his glasses down his nose and said they fell way short of the mark the last time he told them to be innovative. Ouchy Tim.

Back it Parsons. Joe is so happy to have immunity. I hear ya Joe.
Blayne is working in seat belts. I like the idea. Let’s see what he does with it.
Leanne is doing a bondage cocktail dress and I see lots of headlights. Not those headlights, silly. Real headlights. Suddenly I have Thierry Mugler flashbacks. The designers should be so lucky.

Kenley has lost her model. Bummer and now has to add extra filters or whatever the heck that is she’s working with in order to make her outfit fit her new model.
Tim comes in for his walk through and Blayne called him Timlicious. Ok. It’s officially one licious too many.
Jerell got a beautiful.
Korto got a go, go, go!
Stella for some reason does not want to work in leather for a car challenge and I’m confused.
Leanne got a wow. Good for her.
Keith is all down on himself and is just sitting in front of fabric with nothing much to show Tim but talk. Poor Keith. I’m starting to see a trend.
Terri starts clowning on Korto and Jerell loves it in the diary room. He needs a talk show.

Sidebar: Hey we find out Stella’s boyfriend’s name is William aka ‘Ratbones’. Why am I not surprised?

Elimination day and Keith’s model had the nerve to sit down and she ripped the skirt. Like she couldn’t stand for an hour. Come on! I won’t bring up that his stitching couldn’t take a little sitting. Did he double stick it together? All together now… Poor Keith.

Past contestant Laura Bennett was filling in for Nina this week. I wonder if she had any more kids or built any more companies since we’ve last seen her. What a dynamo she is.
Rachel Zoe guest Judge of The Rachael Zoe Project is the guest judge.

Jerell – Me Likie.

Keith-No. Boring.
Korto-Like. Geat shape

Blayne-Like, but bad arm fit.
Stella-just ok. She should have gone with leather.

Oh boy Keith has a mini-meltdown and brings back the last challenge. Way to not let go Keith. That will not go over well with the judges. Poor Keith.

Now for the results: The winner is Leanne. Good for her. I thought Jerell had it but Leanne stepped it up.

Out this week is…Big surprise, Poor Keith. There is no crying is baseball and no whining is fashion. Sorry Keith. And please move out of Utah if you’re not happy there. Go to a bigger fashion capital and be a happy boy!


P.S. Congrats to the winner of Sheer Genius. I don’t want to spoil it for those who didn’t watch. We’ll chat later. Also big night at the DNC tonight! Must see TV for me.