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Last night’s Project Runway was all sorts of fun and made double your pleasure with the addition of a twitter party that was going fast and furious.

The designers were quaking in their boots when they were put to the test of dressing fab judge and one never without an opinion La Nina Garcia. I’m sure they were all wishing it was the outfit Michael Kors challenge but hey, maybe that torture is next.

Nina didn’t fail us in delivering the goods right from the get go. No wild colors, no crazy prints and now we know cowls are banned! Not to grace her lovely neck. And the “No’s”, I lost count two minutes after Tim lead her carefully into the work room.  Is it me or does Tim lead guests around the workroom as if they are going through a Jurassic Park exhibit?

I have to say I was thrilled with Kimberly’s win though true to Bravo cutting she had me on edge up until the end and I was on the fence even as her look walked down the runway, not knowing what Nina would think of that top.  But her magic gold top of superpower prevailed.

It seemed that top could do no wrong. Giving all power to all women (I’m now wondering if it will go with my writing sweats).

Congrats Kimberly, go forth and conquer. Yes!

As for the eliminated designer I have to shake my head on that one. Yeah Julie’s Droat (Dress/coat LoL Johanna!) was dreadful but I thought Cecilia’s one shoulder mousy give up called her to go. If only the judges could have heard her awful not wanting to be there comment from the back room.


Cecila’s look

Julie’s droat look

Oh and though I still love a late bloomer, I fear the youngsters may be making Bert a tad bit cantankerous. What’s with the attitude man? I’m not feeling very #TeamBert lately. Though I still think he’s extremely talented I’m wishing there was an Ernie in the mix to cheer him up.




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