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Project Finito- Spoiler Alert!

Project Finale !

The debate is done Jack is snuggled beside me, I’m yawning, but I can’t sleep without watching Project Runway. So here I go.

Jerell is gone and it’s just the ladies off to Parsons. They each get to present 10 looks so they have to edit out 2.
Time to choose models.
Korto needs girls with hair. Leanne wants Aliens. Huh? And Kenley is bossy. Surprise, surprise.
Tim is walking through. First Kenley. Tim questioning the rope and Kenley is not hearing it. She’s not hearing anything. Tim walks away with THE best expression. Insert eye roll here.
Korto is scared to keep her wedding dress because it was not a winner. I hope she changes it..
Leanne has trouble editing. Too many good looks for her. Some problem to have.
Kenley stops Tim. She changes her mind and follows his advice. Could she be learning?
Korto is making 2 new looks at the last minute. Crazy! I hope crazy like a fox.
Sidebar: Korto is a total vixen going out to discuss makeup? Who’s she going to see?
Back in the workroom Leanne and Kenley are talking about each other’s lines behind their backs. Eee Oww.
Quick hair consultation and back to work.
Korto is stressed. Of course.
Leanne’s model come is with a dog that poops in the workroom. Is she trying to say something about the collections?!
Gather round its Tim with the show order and words to make you cry. Nice Tim.
The Designers up at 3:05 am to go to the tents at Bryant Park. Ouch.
More testimonies and tears.
At the tents helpers arrive. Korto takes the help. Kenley says no one touches her garments. I see she’ll be fun to work for.
Almost Showtime and all the old PR faves are there. Are they paid for this?
Leanne has to switch a dress on a model and there are tears. There are always tears.
Everyone’s family is there.
Now it’s Showtime. Heidi is looking elegant. Love that dress. Anyone know who’s dress it is?
Tim Gunn is the guest Judge since JLo bailed. Foot Problems. Sure. I’ve heard things.
Kenley comes out. She colorful and so are her dresses. 80’s meet 50’s pin-up girls. I like the fuchsia and black and the sleek black and the cream with floral.

Korto is next and she is feeling herself.
Love the first look. So sleek. And the new dress. Third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh in white. Awesome. Yellow is gorgeous. Green at the end beautiful. A knockout! Looks for so many women. I could wear this. Love her use of color. And she grabs her daughter to walk with her at the end. A tear from me. Perfect.

look it’s Bianca from ANTM!

Next up Leanne. First look is pretty. Like the second. Fourth is pretty and fifth. I still love that wedding gown. I like her craftsmanship but wish for more variety in her palette and variation on the petals.

For me the winner is Korto. Let’s see who does win.

Now to the judges. Hey, Nina is smiling. Oh happy day.
They love Kenley’s painting. But another dress reminds them of a dress that’s out there. She’s not winning.

Korto showed her heritage and did not make it into a costume, but some pieces are overworked. She needs to hold back.

Leanne had divine workmanship. They loved all her different pieces. Maybe too many petals. Um, yeah.
Judges deliberate. My heart is beating fast.

The winner is… not Kenley.
It’s… Leanne. I had a feeling it would be her. That’s the way the poll went. She had a lovely collection it just did not excite me with looks for so many real women like Korto’s did. Bummer. I never get the winner I want.

Congratulations Leanne! Fun season. I’m looking forward to Top Chef next month.


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