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Make it Work

What’s Jack up to? As I write this Jack is snoozing and has been trying to snooze for most of the day. I guess it’s because he was up at the crack of dawn on both Saturday and Sunday trying to wake me up. Um, we’ve got to amend this sleep schedule Jack. It’s not working for me.

I hope the weekend was good and you weren’t too distracted looking to the sky for runaway balloons. How teeth gnashing is that whole story? And possibility all to be on reality TV with no Tim Gunn? Pla-eaze!

Speaking of Tim Gunn I could use a little Tim in my life. How nice would it be to have Tim as the friendly pop over neighbor? Just a shout away when you are overwhelmed with so much on your to-do list like I am this week and you need a good “MAKE IT WORK” kick in the butt.

BTW: Any predictions on a winner for Project Runway at this point? I know Irina keeps coming on strong (and how)but I’m going to go for Carol Hannah or Althea from behind. But what do I know?

Wishing you a ‘make it work’ kind of week.