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The Real World

What’s Jack up to? Jack’s enjoying the crisp Fall air. It’s fun frolicking in all these crunchy leaves, huh?

It was attitudes all around on America’s Next Top Model. Can someone tell me what is wrong with Marjorie? I’m over her insecurities now and this is coming from me, one of the most neurotic people I know.
But out this week was Joslyn. Once again I don’t agree with the judges AT ALL. I thought Joslyn pulled it out after being sick as all get out. If you ask me (and I know you didn’t) neither she nor Elina should have been in the bottom two. It should have been Marjorie or that McKey who just makes me roll my eyes whenever I see her.
What is up with this mess? I am so getting over this show. Till next week of course!

So I was feeling absolutely lost without Project Runway last night. LOST. Thank goodness I don’t have long to wait for Top Chef. Whew. I love my Wednesday fix.

But, like an evil little ray of light STYLISTA came on right on time. Watching budding fashionistas trying to make it too Elle mag for stone faced fashion editor Anne Slowey was a nice treat.

It was especially fun watching it with the DD. I swear kids today know nothing about paying your dues. It totally took me back to my days in fashion. MY DD could not believe it when I told her how I was the girl that did the many coffee runs straight out of college before I got to actually design a measly flower, forget an actual garment.

She didn’t want to hear it. She was all, “Mom, seriously, I need some new clothes,” throughout the whole show. And I was all, “well you’d better get to running and making me a latte or something. Hop to it girl.” Time to teach her how the real world works.