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Political Babies

What’s Jack up to? Right now Jack’s trying to charm the DD out of some popcorn. Not sure if the puppy dog eyes will work though. She’s pretty tough.

I don’t have much to say on this hump day so I thought I’d share these funny pics that I found on The Huffington Post of Barack Obama with babies on the campaign trail.
I’ve added my own captions. Please enjoy my sad attempt at humor.

You know I don’t talk nearly as much a Joe Biden.

Could you not do that? You don’t know what I’ve had for lunch.

Before I agree to this picture, I want answers on your economic stimulus package.

Sorry about the diaper, Senator, it’s been a long afternoon.

Waa! You are soooo not my Daddy!

Hey, you’ve got nice eyes.

Hey, are you my Daddy? Cool!

Can a brother get a hug? It’s been a tough year.

Ba-rock the Vote!!