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Hello Lover

In the spirit of putting it out there in the Universe…

Hello Birkin meet Kwana.

Kwana is a soon to be 40, ex-fashionista, now writer with a of love romance novels and all things beautiful hence, a longtime fan of you. She even wrote a story where you were a major character. Just saying. Tragic and strange, she knows, but a sure best seller if ever published. She also has two children that will be going to college soon and a home that needs improvements. Just saying that too. Birkin? Major home improvements? Le Sigh.

Now she knows about that whole terrible mess with Lady O a while back. Very unfortunate that was. Practically unforgivable. But like a sexy bad boy with smoldering eyes, she can’t turn away from you. If loving you is wrong she don’t want to be right. Le sigh again.