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Monday Monday

What’s Jack up to? Jack is being his usual funny self. Relaxing after a weekend of, well, relaxing. He cracks me up with his new pushiness. Lately, if his water bowl is empty and he sees me going toward the sink he’ll not so subtly just kick it out off his mat and look at me. Like I need another boss around here!

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a good weekend. The weather was above freezing in New York so that was a plus. The snow around my house is still not melted yet though. Hopefully soon. Then nice sweet buds will come. The early morning birds are starting to chirp. You’d think I’d like that. Um, no. It’s only cute in a Disney movie or after the 9 am hour.

It was a busy weekend lacking in the sleep/relaxation time that I’m longing for, but I’m hoping for some of that soon. 2 years maybe?

What running through my brain today?

1.Must make my writing personal goals for the day.

2. Must get back to writing down what I eat. I’ve been a bit lax with that and it’s always helpful.

3. I’m also wondering if I wish really hard will a cleaning fairy appear in my house? Freeing up 4 extra hours for me to slee-, no, um… write!

5.Tonight I’m going to look up and enjoy the full moon. I may even howl a little too!

What’s doing for your day?