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That Girl

What’s Jack up to? Chilling and doing a darn good job of it don’t ya think?

I’m sorry yet another bag post this week, but this one could not wait.

Am I really That Girl? You know what I think I am. Thanks to Kaitlyn’s Momma and her great sale tip I’ve gone over the edge and become a Vera Bradley girl. I have to say that over the years I’ve gone into many shops and admired Vera Bradley pieces but felt they were a little dated for me. Not anymore. These are not your grandma’s handbags. Ok, so maybe they are, but you and I are cool enough to carry them off.

Check out the 3 wild, kitschy, cool and I think beautiful pieces that I snagged for Spring for a song. No, not a song really, cold hard cash, but not too much of it that I’m feeling the least bit remorseful.

Don’t you love this baby? Perfect for just a quick run to the store and it weighs next to nothing.

What about this wallet that doubles as a clutch. The colors are so much fun. And the workmanship is fabulous.

The Super tote is big enough to fit a few outfits, a couple of pairs of shoes and I could even throw Jack in there for good measure. Oh and it’s washable! My only wish is that it had a zipper. So I’m going to put one in so that I can really travel carefree with it.

Time for a weekend getaway! I wish.

Where would you run off to if you could make a quick 3 day getaway? Me? I think I’d take a quick run to the Bahamas or maybe Bermuda. I can use some blue water right about now. Now for a longer getaway it would be a cruise for sure I’ve never been on one. Greece or Italy. Yes!