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    That Girl

    What’s Jack up to? Chilling and doing a darn good job of it don’t ya think?

    I’m sorry yet another bag post this week, but this one could not wait.

    Am I really That Girl? You know what I think I am. Thanks to Kaitlyn’s Momma and her great sale tip I’ve gone over the edge and become a Vera Bradley girl. I have to say that over the years I’ve gone into many shops and admired Vera Bradley pieces but felt they were a little dated for me. Not anymore. These are not your grandma’s handbags. Ok, so maybe they are, but you and I are cool enough to carry them off.

    Check out the 3 wild, kitschy, cool and I think beautiful pieces that I snagged for Spring for a song. No, not a song really, cold hard cash, but not too much of it that I’m feeling the least bit remorseful.

    Don’t you love this baby? Perfect for just a quick run to the store and it weighs next to nothing.

    What about this wallet that doubles as a clutch. The colors are so much fun. And the workmanship is fabulous.

    The Super tote is big enough to fit a few outfits, a couple of pairs of shoes and I could even throw Jack in there for good measure. Oh and it’s washable! My only wish is that it had a zipper. So I’m going to put one in so that I can really travel carefree with it.

    Time for a weekend getaway! I wish.

    Where would you run off to if you could make a quick 3 day getaway? Me? I think I’d take a quick run to the Bahamas or maybe Bermuda. I can use some blue water right about now. Now for a longer getaway it would be a cruise for sure I’ve never been on one. Greece or Italy. Yes!



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    Southern Charm

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is trying to get used to being back home after spending the week being totally spoiled by Nana. How will he survive with just little ‘ol me after having all the bacon, ham and roast beef his heart desired? He is going to be so hard to deal with this week.
    I’m back from Savannah and visiting the DH’s family for the Thanksgiving holiday. It was lovely, but way too quick and the ride there and back too long. I-95 is a long road.

    Enjoy the moss hanging from the stately Southern trees while I do some more laundry. Sigh.

    What are you up to today?

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    The more you know…

    What’s Jack up to? Poor Jack is missing Nana terribly. I hate to say it but I think I pale in comparison to her. I doubt very much that he traveled around whining for me when I left last week.

    Pics from RWA are to come but I thought I’d start off with some photos from the Napa leg of our trip last week. What a beautiful part of the country. And I was so happy to get to hook up with my good friend and fellow writer Wendy T and her DH Matt.

    And later we got to meet up with the lovelies Aryn and Kristen for more wine tours and tasting at Sterling and Cakebread.

    We had a little lesson at Cakebread which was very informative and I walked out feeling quite smug and in the know, but today I can’t recall a bit of it. Oh well. At least I did come away with an expansion of my palette and the ability to branch out from my white zin though I can’t promise to completely part from my first love. I don’t care what the folks say. Love is Love!

    What do you love that you often get teased about but love anyway?

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    I Left My Heart…

    What’s Jack up to? From what I hear Jack has been a total doll while we’ve been away. He seemed so happy to see us. Jumping and nipping and rolling around. So sweet.

    Well, I’m back home from Nationals. I had such a wonderful time. It’s going to take me a day or so to get all my thoughts together. So many amazing workshops and so many amazing friends and writers. I found it so hard to leave. Fun pics to come.

    Now I’m back and newly motivated in myself and my writing. That’s what what it’s all about.

    Big shout outs to: Megan, Marley, Elizabeth, Carolyn, Amanda, Kristen, Louisa, Liza, Eileen, Megan, Pam, Andrea (new bud), Roxanne (new bud) and many more who I’ll think of once I get my head on straight. I love you all. Thanks for being so wonderful.

    Sidebar: Add on shout outs now that it’s later and my head is on straighter… Hey Maureen! Miss you already.

    More shout outs… Wendy, Aryn, Kristin, Napa was so much fun with you all and how much do I love Matt?

    Mel!!! You were way missed out there. But your blog makes up for that. You are cra-zy!