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So I have a new lover. And shock of all shock, this one isn’t a handbag, but it will fit very nicely inside just about any that I have thankyouverymuch.

It’s the Sony 505. Squeal!!!

I can’t tell you have excited I am over this. I just get all tingly thinking about it. Book upon book upon book all in one slim sexy little device. Just holding it feels positively decadent.
Cut to me with the DH sleeping on one side and my 505 on the other. Bliss.

So far I have 15 books on my reader. I mean just imagine if I were lugging those 15 books around with me. Not very cute. And the lovely thing about the Sony is I am able to put my own documents on it too so I can read my current work on the go and look it it from a new POV (Point of View).

Could it be that this library lover is a digital girl? I think so.
Anything worth you looking at this week from a new POV?