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    Point & Shoot

    For my birthday last week I got a fantastic new camera that his been on my wish list for quite a while. A fab Olympus PEN. Isn’t it cute? I’m still learning the ropes with it and I think I will be for quite a while. Excuse me while my blog turns into my own personal photo album while I take up my new hobby. I’ve always been a closet photog. Please bear with me.

    pen collage 2

    Any new hobby you’re thinking of taking up?


    All the best,


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    One last hurrah…

    Just when it looked liked March would come in like a lamb, we opened our eyes to wake to this…

    I, for one, can’t wait to Spring Forward this weekend, how about you?

    Oh and if you are looking for a good escape from all this snow might I suggest clicking over to the right and Looking Through The Lens if you have not yet for a romantic island escape.


    All the best,



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    Like Old Times

    What’s Jack up to? The Jackster is doing fine. He’s spent most of the weekend being his own demanding self and giving me this look which says can you get off your butt and get me a treat or something lady? This is usually following by an impolite nudge.

    Here are a few pics from my weekend.

    Cocktail meatballs simmering for Nana’s Birthday get together and Pokeno game. Can you say Shweaty Balls?

    And deviled eggs. Does anybody make them anymore? I do!

    Then the game at Nana’s so much fun. We haven’t played in ages. When I was a kid Nana and her friends would play cards until the wee hours of the morning. Now it was the next generation’s turn and only one of Nana’s old friends (Mrs. G) got to come up to the apartment. We were all so glad to see her since she had not been well and was out of the hospital. She was so happy to play cards and party like the old days that she stayed up talking with Nana and closed the party at 2am!

    I hope you have a lovely week.


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    Help When You Need It

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is doing good. The silly little dog is having a day with the dear twins since is been officially called a snow day so the weekend begins early at my house. Enough with the snow please. I’m done.

    And yes, this was a huge honking storm. Trees down and all that. My DH got stuck and his car couldn’t make it up the hill coming home last night. Thankfully he was in front of the town’s fire house and a bunch of young guys came out and pushed his car up the hill.
    It’s so good to have help when you need it.
    These pics were taken at night.

    Then later when walking Jack late in the evening he saw a huge tree had fallen around the corner. Of course I had to go out and see. Down right on the power lines.

    On our walk suddenly the big guns were out, this huge tractor. The driver was so funny. He pulled up beside us and said, “Did you call a cab?” Yep, Good to have help when you need it.

    Speaking of help when you need it… Laura from Shore(house) Chic blog is doing a Help for Haiti auction over at her blog. Because they still need so much help and will for a long time to come. Laura has some wonderful handmade pieces to go to the highest bidder. Go here to check it out.


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    Chill Baby

    What’s Jack up to? He’s still doing the trash sneak thing and it is starting to get on my last nerves. I refuse to get another trash can or put him back in the basement. So Jack is going to just have to learn. Too bad he’s trying to learn me. Humph!
    So I realized I never posted a pic of myself in my new glasses. I think it’s because I’m not entirely happy with them. They are so big. It took a ton of pictures just to get this semi good one. Now I’d I hate to go to to eyeglass store yet again, but whatever. Who knows? I will try and live by the card that PVE gave me here and Keep Calm and Carry On.

    I hope you have a calm weekend planned. Me? Not so much. Vrooom!!!

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    Oh Christmas Tree- 09

    What’s Jack up to? Poor Jack has been a little tippy on his toes? He walks for a bit and then starts to hop. I’m afraid he has a cut on his paw. So we’re tending to that. Ouch. Any advice for me on that? How to help the pain also how to get him to stop biting and licking at it? And check him out. Boy does he need a haircut.

    First off thanks to all the new people who stopped by yesterday for the PW talk. It was quite a day for me for blog hits and much appreciated.

    As promised here are picture so of this year’s tree which is pretty much last year’s tree since it came out of the box from the basement. Thank you Martha.

    As you can see I have lots of ornaments that I add to every year. I still have to pick up this years ornament for the kids. Must get on that. at the rat I’m going they’ll be hanging it on Christmas eve. Oh will it’ll still count.

    Something corny that I do and I just can’t stop (superstition maybe?) is I always have an ornament for the hubby and me. Sometimes it’s a store bought one and when times are a bit leaner or time gets away from me I just wing it. As long as it says we’re still hanging together for another Christmas. You see we were engaged on Christmas eve. But that’s a blog post for another day. *wink*

    What are some of your traditions?


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    Happy Friday

    What’s Jack up to? It’s been a semi quiet week for Jack. Not too much trouble (I had better not speak too fast) just up to his usual antics. I think the Dear Twins are driving him nutty (but he’s not alone in that). And he’s barking a lot more than usual (not alone in that either) But besides that all is cool with Dear Jack.

    This pic is for Ina in Alaska who is always capturing the best licence plates. I snapped it when the truck of our local doggie day care was in front of me for a few blocks and I noticed the licence plate. Don’t worry we were stopped at the time I snapped the pic.

    Have a Happy Friday and a great weekend!

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    The 300

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is full of pep, guess I’m in for an action packed day. Uh oh.

    So, I logged on and noticed this is my 300th post. Go me! Who knew I’d stick with this blogging thing and love it so much. Thanks to all of you for sticking with me.

    It was a lovely early fall weekend with Nana coming to visit. You know Jack was happy and well fed. Nana and I are true city girls, being from Harlem and all. I have to admit when I first moved to Westchester I thought it was totally the boonies since it was a whole half hour outside of the NYC and you can’t just go out to eat at 1am on a Tuesday. But many years later I’m dealing and finally getting used to the quiet.

    Check out how cute Nana looks at Westchester Farms on Saturday after dropping the DD off at dance.

    What about these pumpkins? Don’t you just love Fall?


    P.S. scroll down for some political fun