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Oh Christmas Tree- 09

What’s Jack up to? Poor Jack has been a little tippy on his toes? He walks for a bit and then starts to hop. I’m afraid he has a cut on his paw. So we’re tending to that. Ouch. Any advice for me on that? How to help the pain also how to get him to stop biting and licking at it? And check him out. Boy does he need a haircut.

First off thanks to all the new people who stopped by yesterday for the PW talk. It was quite a day for me for blog hits and much appreciated.

As promised here are picture so of this year’s tree which is pretty much last year’s tree since it came out of the box from the basement. Thank you Martha.

As you can see I have lots of ornaments that I add to every year. I still have to pick up this years ornament for the kids. Must get on that. at the rat I’m going they’ll be hanging it on Christmas eve. Oh will it’ll still count.

Something corny that I do and I just can’t stop (superstition maybe?) is I always have an ornament for the hubby and me. Sometimes it’s a store bought one and when times are a bit leaner or time gets away from me I just wing it. As long as it says we’re still hanging together for another Christmas. You see we were engaged on Christmas eve. But that’s a blog post for another day. *wink*

What are some of your traditions?