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The 300

What’s Jack up to? Jack is full of pep, guess I’m in for an action packed day. Uh oh.

So, I logged on and noticed this is my 300th post. Go me! Who knew I’d stick with this blogging thing and love it so much. Thanks to all of you for sticking with me.

It was a lovely early fall weekend with Nana coming to visit. You know Jack was happy and well fed. Nana and I are true city girls, being from Harlem and all. I have to admit when I first moved to Westchester I thought it was totally the boonies since it was a whole half hour outside of the NYC and you can’t just go out to eat at 1am on a Tuesday. But many years later I’m dealing and finally getting used to the quiet.

Check out how cute Nana looks at Westchester Farms on Saturday after dropping the DD off at dance.

What about these pumpkins? Don’t you just love Fall?


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