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    Happy Halloween & Quality

    What’s Jack up to? Jack and his BFF the DH are both acting way too wild with the rough housing. I think there will be time outs all around in about 2 minutes.

    I heart Cole Haan. Well, good quality accessories in general. I’m crazy for them and really think that it’s money well spent when you buy quality. Now I know that there are some that don’t agree with me but watch while I prove my point here. I don’t buy a lot, well, because I don’t have money to burn. If I did I’d be swimming in Louis and Gucci. I’d be totally Kimora Lee up in here. Seriously. There would be a problem.

    The last piece I got was this bag from Cole Han back in February which I blogged about here. How sad was I when the zipper broke on me the other day. It totally put me in an evil mood. Eeee-vil. Well, I was about to have it repaired at a shoe maker when my friend PVE said try taking it back to the store first which I was considering but not sure of and lazy about the drive.

    Long story even longer… I head to the Cole Haan store at the mall and do I know how to pick em? My bag from the winter was a top seller and has been reissued with a swanky new lining. It’s no problem that I don’t have a receipt. The sweet sales woman checks the computer and pulls me up by name and just gives me brand new bag. She said if they didn’t have it she would have sent it out to be repaired for me. It didn’t even matter that I have worn this bag practically every singly day since February and it was WORN. Tonight I’m sporting a new bag with a new zipper that works. WHAT?! Holla!

    Oh and the new styles at Cole Haan are Droolworthy. I’m in love with this Dome Satchel. De-lish!

    Happy Halloween!!

    Don’t Dream it Be It



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    Real Top Models and a Real Hot Mess Fun

    What’s Jack up to? As a write this Jack is being a dog of leisure and is stretched out on the couch beside me sleeping away. Yep, he leads a pretty good life.

    Happy Monday and Happy Columbus Day! The kids are still out of school. Will it ever start again? So the weekend continues…

    Not much to say today so I wanted to give a shout of to Models Live on Vogue.TV It’s the most addictive short series where cameras follow 3 new models as they try and make it during their first season out. You get a true look glimpse into the fashion world and what it really takes to be a Top Model. No Tyra here.

    Check it out and tell me what you think.

    Austria will pull at your heart. Madeline will show what true determination is. And Cato may leave you wondering a bit.

    Go to Vogue.tv to see the rest.

    Oh, did anybody see the Not So Real Housewives Of The ATL? Whoa Baby! I don’t believe for a second that NeNe was left off that party list by mistake. That Sheree is not fooling me.
    Do you all find it hard to watch all the ridiculous excess of this show during these hard times or are you like me and find it a great escape and a good laugh? Although I will admit did have to shake my head quite a few times. Most notably at Sheree’s $12,000 Louis Vuitton birthday cake. There is no way in the world I’d spend that kind of money on a cake. It would be Duncan Hines and a real Louis Vuitton bag on my arm. But That’s just me.
    I love a good accessory even more than cake.


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    Opinions please

    So is this too close for comfort or A-OK?

    Is Kenley’s Wedding dress too close to the Alexander McQueen that the Project Runway judges were referring to last week?


    Alexander McQueen Fall 2008

    Photos thanks to David Dust again. Loves him. I had not seen the McQueen last week but now that I have, I think it’s too close for comfort. Now I come from a fashion background and have done plenty design “interpretation” in my day but this “interpretation” is pretty close to the line. Down to the flat shoes and the color of the feathers!

    Check out Project Rungay for more thoughts on this subject. I do still think her bridesmaid dress was way cute though.



    Keep reading the day’s not over…

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    The More things Change II

    What’s Jack up to? Jackster is being a sly one. Constantly sneaking off lately and getting into things that he’s not supposed to. Oh that Jack what am I going to do with you?
    Dancing with the Stars started last night and for me the only reasons to watch were Susan Lucci and Toni (un-break my heart) Braxton. That body of Toni’s is amazing after two babies. Man. Another reason to watch is to see Chef Rocco DiSpirito try and dance. Most of you know my hate/ hate relationship with him from Top chief. I want to see Karina give him a run for his money. Bruno actually brought up the word cattle prod when referring to him. Hmm…

    I have a small rant today. You can read about my old rant on this subject in The More Things Change here. After perusing the big honking 798 page September Fall fashion issue of Vogue I noticed the slim editorial section didn’t have not one black model. NOT 1. And after they waxed so poetic on the subject the month before. And sadly this month even in the way too many pages of advertising there were very few Black models or models of any diversity.

    Kudos to Harper’s Bazaar for their September Tyra cover, Michelle Obama inspired spread and and their Benneton inspired spread which looked back to the 8o’s to move forward. Refreshing. Now why don’t I subscribe to Bazaar. I really should.

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    Project Lube Job

    What’s Jack up to? Not too much mischief today. Of course sneaking upstairs to the kids rooms when he can. There’s always fun trouble to get into up there so how can you blame him for trying, but all in all he’s being pretty quiet. I should stay on the lookout. I’m sure he’s up to something.

    Project Runway starts out this week and Keith is doubting himself. Uh oh. Poor Keith.
    The designers are sent to a garage and shown a bunch of Saturn cars, some old school shopping carts and told to have at it it’s Supermarket Sweeps! They have 4 minutes to grab all the car trash they can to come up with enough stuff to create an innovative outfit. And this time it had better be innovative because Grim Tim has pulled his glasses down his nose and said they fell way short of the mark the last time he told them to be innovative. Ouchy Tim.

    Back it Parsons. Joe is so happy to have immunity. I hear ya Joe.
    Blayne is working in seat belts. I like the idea. Let’s see what he does with it.
    Leanne is doing a bondage cocktail dress and I see lots of headlights. Not those headlights, silly. Real headlights. Suddenly I have Thierry Mugler flashbacks. The designers should be so lucky.

    Kenley has lost her model. Bummer and now has to add extra filters or whatever the heck that is she’s working with in order to make her outfit fit her new model.
    Tim comes in for his walk through and Blayne called him Timlicious. Ok. It’s officially one licious too many.
    Jerell got a beautiful.
    Korto got a go, go, go!
    Stella for some reason does not want to work in leather for a car challenge and I’m confused.
    Leanne got a wow. Good for her.
    Keith is all down on himself and is just sitting in front of fabric with nothing much to show Tim but talk. Poor Keith. I’m starting to see a trend.
    Terri starts clowning on Korto and Jerell loves it in the diary room. He needs a talk show.

    Sidebar: Hey we find out Stella’s boyfriend’s name is William aka ‘Ratbones’. Why am I not surprised?

    Elimination day and Keith’s model had the nerve to sit down and she ripped the skirt. Like she couldn’t stand for an hour. Come on! I won’t bring up that his stitching couldn’t take a little sitting. Did he double stick it together? All together now… Poor Keith.

    Past contestant Laura Bennett was filling in for Nina this week. I wonder if she had any more kids or built any more companies since we’ve last seen her. What a dynamo she is.
    Rachel Zoe guest Judge of The Rachael Zoe Project is the guest judge.

    Jerell – Me Likie.

    Keith-No. Boring.
    Korto-Like. Geat shape

    Blayne-Like, but bad arm fit.
    Stella-just ok. She should have gone with leather.

    Oh boy Keith has a mini-meltdown and brings back the last challenge. Way to not let go Keith. That will not go over well with the judges. Poor Keith.

    Now for the results: The winner is Leanne. Good for her. I thought Jerell had it but Leanne stepped it up.

    Out this week is…Big surprise, Poor Keith. There is no crying is baseball and no whining is fashion. Sorry Keith. And please move out of Utah if you’re not happy there. Go to a bigger fashion capital and be a happy boy!


    P.S. Congrats to the winner of Sheer Genius. I don’t want to spoil it for those who didn’t watch. We’ll chat later. Also big night at the DNC tonight! Must see TV for me.
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    Project Work

    What’s Jack up to? He’s back to being snappy. I don’t know what’s gotten into Jack lately with this. I think the Dear Twins have been playing with him too much and he thinks this snapping thing is cool. Well it must stop. I’ve got enough people growling and snapping at me. I don’t need demands from Mister Jack.

    Project Runway starts and the designers are just as baffled over Keith’s win as I was. Then Heidi and the sweet Chris March comes out in full drag and looking fab announcing they have to design a look for a drag queen.
    Fun. Fun. Fun.

    In comes Tim say the look will be auctioned off to Broadway cares and the winner will have immunity. Yay something to fight for and fight they will.
    First Joe says he’s out of his element then later he dances with a bra on. Hmm…

    Blayne says if he was a drag queen his name would be Neon-licious and he actually gives me my first laugh of the night. I hate the licious but I guess I was missing it. Then Leanne said Barf-licious and I really cracked up. Nice.

    Back in the work room it’s a Cirque gone wrong and we get background on Jerell and Suede which makes me worried for each of them. Keith is doing fringe. Why is he always going all these pieacy swatch things? I’m so over Keith.
    The Drag queens come back in as their normal every day selves and they are unrecognizable.
    It’s try on time.
    Jerell’s Queen is not in love.
    Hedda Lettuce is not happy and called Suede lazy. Bam. I told you I was worried for both of them. Suede said that she’s going to be soggy Lettuce.

    On the walkthrough with Chris, Tim called Blayne’s outfit “A terradactyl out of the gay Jurassic Park.” Not good if you ask me but Blayne thought it was in his little warped mind. Whatever gets you through the day.
    Chris and Tim thought Joe was fantastic. What?
    Suede they liked and then they told him to have it out with Hedda Lettuce. Ha they just want to see Suede get his butt kicked by a drag queen.
    Keith got different. Never good.
    Daniel was plain but he’s not worried. Okay dude.

    Runway day and if you ask me the queens look a little dragged through the mud. Please to make up.
    Hedda lettuce and Suede have words and Hedda Lettuce is sweet as pie. Aww. Such a Lady.
    Stella gives me my 3rd full out laugh of the night laugh when she says “Jerell’s outfit is classy how ev-ah these broads aren’t classy.” This from Lea-tha Stella! I love it. But she does look nice for the Runway show tonight. And hey RuPaul is the guest judge. You’d Better Work!
    Now for the runway show.

    Blayne-No Joe-yes-model loved her outfit.

    Stella-yes. Why is one of her best for a drag queen?


    Daniel-ok-but not enough. Just a dress.

    Terri yes- My fave. She stepped up the game
    Jerell-yes but ok.

    Korto-Just ok. Keith-messy-Hey, Heidi said the same thing.
    Leanne-old age spacey? No.
    And the winner is Terri, What! Joe. I cannot believe that Terri missed out again. This is getting on my nerves.

    Now it’s down to Daniel and Keith out this week is… Daniel. Great. Not. I can look forward to more fringe next week.

    On Shear Genius Nicole won the short cut challenge and Daniel is okay with that. Right.
    The big challange is to create a hair style to reflect a season for a photo shoot. Rene say’s “Go Shake It.” The season is almost over and I still don’t know what that means. Does anybody?

    Sidebar: I just saw the commercial about voting for fan favorite. I kind of want to start a grass roots campaign for Oshun. The Stylist that never was. I still think he would have made that show for me. Let’s all go on line and vote Oshun. Wouldn’t it be funny if he won ten grand?
    Then a bombshells is dropped the guest judge is Linda Wells the editor of Allure.
    The photographer, whose name I totally missed, was a nightmare. Making Daniel drop flowers and pull down hair to a wet mess.
    The winner of the challenge was Charlie and I agree with that.
    Out this week is Daniel. Taken out by a sad red braid.

    photos thanks to Bravo



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    Project Olympiad

    What’s Jack up to? He’s starting to get back to himself and it back to bringing me his toys to play with at the most annoying times. Yay! Are you loving me again, Jack?

    We interrupt this week’s RWA conference posts to talk Project Runway. It feels like home on a Wednesday night with Project runway. Yay. I’m a happy girl!
    The show starts and Korto in not crying over anyone going home and Kenley is thrilled about immunity.
    Sidebar: I have to say after seeing last week’s show I Terri should have won. Kenly’s dress was out there and different I wasn’t into the asymmetry of it.

    I thought Terri rocked it and should have won. The challenge was all about NY inspiration and her model screamed NY cool.

    Now for this week’s field trip and Suede is loving it with his 3rd person craziness and Blayne is going though tan withdrawal which is getting kind of scary. They head to the Armory Track and Field center and are greeted by a skating Apolo Ohno who I half expect to break out in a dance. They are given an Olympic challenge and have to design a women’s wear outfit for the opening ceremony.

    Stella is talking gladiator and leather and fur. Uh oh! Jarell is all about the hats and classics. Daniel is just confused.
    Back in the city and Keith is a big fabric thief at Mood and Terri may have to smack him. Joe is doing a skort and want to win it for his girls and Blayne is moaning about is lack of tan and losing his ability to think or design or whatever he does. Apparently the tan is his special energy. Who knew?

    Stella is doing her whole outfit in black for I guess the Olympic biker chick?
    Keith let it out that he was a competitive gymnast as a young boy and the way he said it was somehow sad and so telling. Was there hazing?
    Korto Goes into her past in Liberia and how America is the land of second chances and breaks all our hearts for a moment making the tanorexic seem so shallow.
    Tim starts his walk through. Tim likes Joe. Blayne showed his pure idiocy by not knowing Sergeant Pepper. Can a boy get a reference and stop watching the WB and MTV? Please.
    Daniel is unraveling. Jarell is doing Lucy Ricardo according to Tim not good.
    For, Jennifer Tim said the word ‘matronly’. Eek!

    Late at night Joe and Daniel got into a machine fight. Then Joe wants to get all mean about the amount of “queens” there. His word not mine. He’d better watch out. This is Project Runway and he still has to walk the streets and get a job in New York when it all over. Be smart Joe.
    Day of the runway show and I have a feeling it is going to be a dozy. I can’t wait to see these babies go down the runway. Korto was right it is a whole history lesson about to walk down the runway. Heidi comes out wearing something short, black and tight. Yeah, I’m slow but picking up on the trend too.

    Here are my thoughts as they came down the runway:
    Korto-likie very much
    Suede-like but not practical
    Kellie-question mark for me
    Joe-like very USA slightly too literal?

    Daniel- What? Purple? Party? Huh?

    Jerell Crazy, Lucy is right. Cutness though in its own nutty way. Not Olympics at all.

    Stella-No way Olympics. sleek biker chick.
    Keith-No way.
    Terri- Oh Yes!

    Jennifer- A No-Boring cocktail outfit
    Blayne-Blade Runner redux

    Kenley-Cute dress but not Olympics

    It seems the judges agree with me in most cases. Poor Daniel who has turned temporally colorblind is teary. Now can we talk for a moment about Jerell’s hat? Not the hat he made for his model but the crazy hat he was wearing? What was with that? Too funny.

    My top three Terri, Korto, Joe
    Bottom three: Daniel, Jerell and Jennifer. Me and the judges are totally in sync tonight. Great line of the night came from Michael Kors about Daniel’s dress. “If your sport is drinking it’s a good dress.”
    The winner is… Korto!

    And out this week is… Jennifer. Buh- Buy Jennifer. Tea outfits don’t work for the Olympics.

    As for Shear Genus, No big post for me. Just know that show is crazy. Why are they putting molasses and squid and peanut butter in people’s hair and making them look ridiculous. Once again remind me NEVER to go on that show. You know I do crazy crap like that. Now they are making the stylists cut dog’s hair to match their owners. What? Now you know I love Jack but I so am so not taking him into my stylist for a haircut. She would smack me quick and send me packing and rightly so. Pla-ease!
    In the end the winner was Dee and she did a great job with what she had to work with and the loser was Nekisa who had to go home some day. Why not today?


    Stay tuned for more party pics from Nationals Scroll down for Nora Roberts encounters!

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    Project Makeover

    What’s Jack up to? It’s Raining bucket’s so he’s perched up high on the couch looking longingly out the window willing the rain to stop. Sorry Jack.
    Project Runway is underway hooray. Holla at your boy. Not.
    Kelli has her immunity so she is free to breathe easy for this challenge. The day starts off with reality setting in for Suede and the other designers. They set off to parsons and the model pick off. Kelli says with her model and Joe stars the switching. Jen snatches Jarell’s model making him salty. I love that word. Salty! Let’s all use it this week.
    The next challenge is making cocktail dress for their models. Sounds sweet. Maybe a little too sweet of you ask me. They have to use green fabrics. No not green- green environmentally friendly green. But here’s the twist. The models get to shop for the fabric! Ha! Funny.
    The poor models are lost in Mood. One was pulling out some gold lame looking stuff and there were some very slinky things that didn’t look green to me but we will see.
    Kenley instantly nixes some fabric from her model and Keith hates some of his models fabrics. Wesley is not happy.
    At least Jarell is smiling and so is Suede. Once again Stella is complaining. Waa, waa, waa. Going against what her model wants.
    Suede goes crazy the bias strips and stars talking about himself in 3rd person.
    3 designers have the same fabric. How much do I love the models for that? And Korto and Emily and similar dresses and are getting all crazy over it. The competition is fierce
    It’s time for Tim’s walk though and Korto confuses him with her inside out stitching. Too green for ya Tim?
    Suede excites Tim, but so far scares me. We’ll see.
    Leanne has gone circle crazy.
    And Tim announces no immunity for this challenge but the winner will have their dress manufactured by Bluefly.com
    Runway show day and its panic time except for Leanna who is all confidence. And Blayne pulls out the Lisiousness.
    Stella is lucky that her model likes the dress even though she didn’t listen to her.
    Daniel is still at the sewing machine with 5 minutes to go.
    And crazy Stella tried to steam her dress ON the model. Way to burn your client Stella.
    Time for the runway show with special guest judge Natalie Portman.
    But first sidebar. How much do I love Terri’s wild hair? Did I say that last week?

    Now really to the show:
    I Likeie: Terri, Jerell, Daniel, Suede, Leanne. Emily, Jennifer, Joe, Kenley

    No Likie-Keith, Wesley, Kelli, Stella, Blayne, Korto
    I originally had Korto in the likie group until I really looked at the wings on the side of the hips. Not a good idea.

    I predict Kenly as the winner and Wesley as going home.

    Let’s see. Winner is Suede. Wow. Ok. I’m shocked. But ok. I think Kenley was robbed. What do you think?

    Poor Korto is in but teary as all get out.
    And as for out it’s… Wesley. You can’t make it under the harsh runway lights with puckered satin.

    Whew. No energy for Shear Genius but I’ll give it a go.
    Nicole wakes first and there are some flip flops. She picks first then calls the stylist up for a day at the beach.
    The guest judge is Oscar Blandi and the shortcut challenge is transforming a client’s hair after a long day at the beach without washing the client hair. The clients are all hot surfer guys who come shirtless and wet out of the water.
    The stylist can use shears, batters powers clippers and a spray bottle.
    Daniel and Glenn are talking mess about Nicole still being there making her all Salty.
    Glen and Dee have twins so the competition is really thick there.
    Once again Nekisa is wack. Big surprise. Not.
    Daniel and Glenn bottom two
    Tops are Dee and Nicole and the winner is Nicole.
    They head back and meet the clients who are dealing with Alopecia a disease which has made then completely bald.
    The stylists are moved as they cut and style the perfect wig for their clients.
    Nekisa is not winning over Rene and neither is Glenn.
    The emotions are going wild and the tears are flowing. Even Charlie can’t make any cracks in this room.
    On to the hair show. I have to say, I’m not a fan of all the red wigs.
    The top 2 here Nicole and Poulo and the winner is…Poulo. All his emotion with his client paid off. But stinker for him, no immunity in the next challenge. Bummer Dude.

    Bottom 3 are Gail, Nekisa and Charlie. Who’s going home? Why it’s… Gail.

    Charlie had better step up his game it’s his 2nd time in the bottom 2. The rose has lost its bloom.

    Photos thanks to Bravo.

    Well I’m off for some preliminary conference beauty prep. What’s up for your day?


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    Project Shear Madness

    What’s Jack Up to? Jack’s tired from staying watching Project Runway and Shear Genius. It’s too much great reality for one fab yorkie!

    Project Runway Season 5 starts with the intro video of the designers and they seem to have it all together. There are some real toughies in this group. They meet Heidi and Tim on the Atlas roof and I know some of them, are ready to push the others off. Watch out for Stella, Suede, Jerell, Jerry and Very Tan Blayne, they all seem ready to push.
    It’s the crack of dawn and Tim is ringing the doorbells. Eek. It’s off to the first challenge and they are at Gristedes grocery store. And who is there to meet them, but Austin Scarlett in all his glory. Picture this, white pants, blue tapered jacket, white scarf and fedora. Need I say more? Time to make a garment out of grocery items.

    We have designers buying; mop heads, trash bags, shower curtains and kale greens.
    I’m so happy Project Runway is back! Make it Work!
    Tan Blayne is big on the “lisous” saying and it’s annoying everyone.
    Jerry has some fire to him. He looks all unassuming but he’s full of the catty-ness.
    Stella is mad because her trash bags really are trash.
    Tim comes and stops the action everyone quakes in their boots. Daddy’s home. Tim’s not happy. He sees way too many tablecloths and calls the designers slackers. Uh-oh. Now they really are quaking and so am I. What is Nina going to say?
    The designers are scrambling to turn their tablecloths into something else and Stella is declaring that her trashy bags will get her eliminated.
    Now the models come in and there are some crazy things being put on the poor women. Crazy scary.
    Time for the Runway Show.
    My Faves: Emily, Jerell, Korto, Jennifer, Daniel, Kenley, Kelli, Keith, Stella
    My not so faves: Leanne, Terri, Suede, Joe, Jerry, Wesley, Blayne, Stella
    You can see that Stella is straddling the fence for me. I could not decide on her design. I agree part if it was a yawn but I liked the simple shape of it.

    The winner is… Kelli! Thanks to her fab marble dye job.

    The loser is …Jerry. I have to say I agree with that one. His look was just scary. I am sorry to see Jerry go though. He would have made for interesting TV.

    Whew I’m tired and now onto Shear Genius? Eek!
    Remind me never to sign up for Shear Genius. There was some crazy swap stylist challenge where the stylists started with their clients and mid-process the clients had to get up and switch chairs to continue the process with another stylist. Mid-color cut or whatever. They did this multiple times only to end up back with the original stylist. One client ended up in tears. I was right there with you honey.

    Now it’s down the line and Charlie comes up with more fabulous one liners. “Big T#ts won’t get you out of every jam.” Ouch.
    The loser was Meredith.
    The winner was Dee.
    The stylists are back home and the claws come out. Charlie starts giving crap and Dee throws it right back. Suddenly I’m loving Dee.
    The elimination Challenge is giving the clients a style that they can do at home.
    Dee gets first pick and then she gets to pair each stylist with the clients. Oh Charlie had better watch out. The producers know what they are doing with this scenario.
    Dee picks Nekisa first and Charlie last. You know Charlie had something to say about that.
    Then it was time to Go Shake It! Tell them Rene! You say what?
    The stylists style and then are told that the elimination will take place the next day when the clients have to come back and style their own hair.
    Back at the old homestead and everyone talks about Dee has a crush on the married Nekisa. DD called that on day one.
    The next day the clients are back and trying to do their own hair. How much do I hate that next day hair let down?
    Let’s move onto the hair show. This is too painful.
    The winners are: Glenn, Dee and Nicole
    Losers are: Meredith, Charlie, and Nekisa. Charlie is lucky he has immunity.
    The big winner is… Glenn She got her dream and will be published. I’m feeling you Glenn!
    The loser is… Meredith.

    Whew. This is a lot for one night. I’m spent.
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    Translation Please

    What’s Jack up to? Oh Jack is a happy camper now that he has the DD to bark at and fight with his day is that much more complete.
    Guess what I got my hot little hands on? My very own copy of the much coveted Black Issue of Italian Vogue. The one fashionistas in the NYC are going ga-ga over. Well my DH came home yesterday with a copy for me! It only took him checking 3 or 4 sold-out newsstands and finally hitting pay dirt in the Met Life building.

    What a feast for the eyes and I would suspect the mind too if only I could read it. I’m thinking there are some really interesting articles in here dealing with race in the fashion industry. That darn Italian Vogue teases me with English titles and Italian articles. I’m dying to read the conversation with Bethann Hardison. But I’m sure with a little digging it will all turn up somewhere in cyberspace.

    In the meantime, I’ll be happy with the amazing pics and hope this is stand by Italian Vogue and Steven Meisel will actually bring about a change in the fashion industry and we can start to see a real global representation of beauty in print and in the runway. Are you listening American Vogue, Elle, Bazaar etc… You can read my past thoughts here. Now for a few pics!



    Check out Karen Alexander!

    Toccara Jones! Serving up a Pam Grier vibe. Can we talk about how stunning this is?

    Ah fashion!


    P.S. Thanks so much for your comments on Changes yesterday. I want to keep it going. If you missed the post please check it out and comment here.