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    Funny Fashion

    What’s Jack up to? The Jack dog and been trying my last nerve being extra pushy lately with the food treat thing. Trying to eat earlier and earlier and get in and extra meal or snack or three by wearing me down. It’s time to get tough up in here-up in here.

    So I got my new Harper’s Bazaar in the mail yesterday and I’m loving Tina Fey on the cover. Don’t you think she looks great?

    And here I was just tweeting with friends “bring models back to the magazine covers” which I still totally believe, but this cover really makes me happy.
    Love that dress and the twinkle in her eyes.

    Check some of the inside fashion. Yum.

    And just for fun:

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    Anna and Grace a Love Story

    Hello Monday! How was the weekend everyone? It’s sort of still going on with it being a holiday today and the family is home.

    This weekend I did get in a bit of fun going to see The September Issue with my good buddy PVE. Now Patricia was the perfect person to see this with since we’ve been friends for X number of years when we were both still working in fashion BC (before children).

    I thoroughly enjoyed The September Issue or Anna and Grace A Love Story as I’m calling it.

    The whole story arc that pitted Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington (Vogue’s creative director) against each other, but still united in their love of fashion and Vogue was wonderful. I was sucked in by the fact that both women started at Vogue on the same day over 20 years ago. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in those days.

    It does make me wonder if people will one day think of me and my friend PVE once we’re both big names. Her a famous artist and me a bestselling author (wink,wink-Universe).

    Will they wonder how we were back all those years when we were still cubicle girls in the fashion biz? Still wide eyed dreamers tottering on our heels and looking for recognition. I wonder.
    I do know we’ll still be dreamers.

    Once a dreamer, always a dreamer.


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    Fashion on the Brain

    I’ve got fashion on the brain. It’s that lovely in between time in New York right now when you just don’t know what you’ll get weather wise at any given moment so you need to be ready for anything.

    I’d love some easy pants, comfy driving shoes in a few great colors, a fab trench coat and of course a to die for bag (you all know me). This lovely lady was taken from The Satorialist and she totally fits my bill.

    Friend and author Melissa Walker was featured on NPR talking about her picks for fashion books. You can listen here:

    You can read the full article and read more about the books here.

    Melissa is the author of Violet On The Runway YA series.


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    A Famine of Beauty

    As always time is just a flying. September is rolling by and I’ve noticed that I have not yet seen The September Issue and I am so dying to see this movie. You see growing up I did secretly dream of being the editor of Vogue. Really. I’ve had a Vogue subscription since I was 12 years old. A bit much when you think about it. But this girl loved and still does love fashion.

    But I will say now that after being a stay at home mother and writer for quite a few years, it’s starting to take a bit of a toll. I need an Anna intervention. As Andre Leon Talley says in this clip, “It’s a famine of beauty!” And sadly it’s in my closet and at times on my face. How dreadful. Something must be done. I’ll start with the movie and go from there.


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    New Jeans

    In the “man is the blog boring when she’s rambling category” I got a new pair of jeans at Old Navy in the $19.00 jean sale. WIN!

    The best part is I was in a rush and had no time or patience to try the jeans on so I was fully prepared to to the return trip and was being extra careful with the receipt. But when I did try the jean on at home… surprise, perfect fit. Now if only they were two sizes smaller. Oh well, can’t have every thing.

    Sidebar: Are you as and creeped out by the mannequins, excuse me Super Modelquins, in these commercials as I am? I can’t stand talking things who’s lips don’t move. Just sayin.

    But at least this video is funny. Sort of. I guess? It’s late. Eeee…


    P.S. Hey I could have gotten these jeans. Thanks Angela James and twitter for this video.

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    Style Maven

    I’m going back to my Anthro excursion for today’s post and another book that that I found while there. I mean you can’t help but love that store. You can find a top, skirt, candles, china and fun reading. Genius.

    But back to the book, well, books actually. The Little Black Book of Style and One Hundred: A Guide to The Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own by Nina Garcia our favorite tough no love judge from Project Runway and former fashion editor for Elle magazine.

    Oh Nina How I miss you! I love how Nina makes the title for One Hundred so forceful using the word ‘must’. Go Nina.

    The books are beautiful with illustrations by famed illustrator Ruben Toledo, husband of designer Isabelle Toledo.

    Here is the blurb from Little Black Book of Style:

    Every time you dress, you assert your identity. With style, you tell the world your story. In that way, style affords you opportunities to think about your appearance as a quality of your creative character. The Little Black Book of Style helps you to explore your own fashion voice—the piece of you that joyously revels in the glamorous experience of creating your best self. From cultivating good taste to guarding against definite fashion faux pas, Nina Garcia offers readers the ultimate guide to follow when it comes to dressing their best. Including tips on how and when to wear an outfit, occasion-appropriate wear, advice on how to combine colors and textures, and inspiration on how to achieve your own signature look, you learn how to experiment, storyboard, archive, and play. Timeless and universal, this book seeks to remind women that eternal style is internal style, and that everyone has what it takes to discover themselves through the colorful palette that is fashion.

    And here is the blurb from The One Hundred:
    In the wildly popular The Little Black Book of Style, fashion authority Nina Garcia showed women how to think about personal style in an entirely new way. Encouraging readers to creatively assert their style identities, Nina showed women of all ages how to hone and self-edit a distinct fashion voice.
    With her style philosophy firmly out in the world, Nina decided to address the most popular question readers consistently ask her: Exactly what are fashion’s timeless pieces?
    The One Hundred answers this question and provides women with a tangible style map to follow when planning a shopping trip and stocking one’s closet. With illustrations from world-renowned fashion illustrator Ruben Toledo, The One Hundred contains the 100 items that Nina believes will never go out of style, and that have become absolutely indispensable for any woman reaching for her own eternal fashion look.

    What are some of your Wardrobe Must Haves? I’ll start: A great pair of jeans, perfect tees, good tailored shirt, classic black pants, ballet flats and LBD (I’m still working on finding the perfect one)

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    Living the Anthro Life

    The other day I was in the city and found myself in front of Anthropologie on 5th ave. Of course I had to go in. Once you get anywhere near the air of Anthro and get a whiff of the scented candles that just so happen to linger out to you, well, you’re pulled in.

    And once you’re in- you’re in. The Anthro world is so lovely and seductive. There is something about those slightly diffused inky colors that make it so hard to step back into the harsh light of day. It makes me say I want to live and Anthro life. How about you?


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    80’s Crazy

    It’s 80’s Crazy with some friends from the neighborhood tonight and I was looking for a little fashion inspiration. Thought I’d share the fun with you all. I still have no idea what I’m gonna wear tonight though. Sigh.


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    That Girl

    What’s Jack up to? Chilling and doing a darn good job of it don’t ya think?

    I’m sorry yet another bag post this week, but this one could not wait.

    Am I really That Girl? You know what I think I am. Thanks to Kaitlyn’s Momma and her great sale tip I’ve gone over the edge and become a Vera Bradley girl. I have to say that over the years I’ve gone into many shops and admired Vera Bradley pieces but felt they were a little dated for me. Not anymore. These are not your grandma’s handbags. Ok, so maybe they are, but you and I are cool enough to carry them off.

    Check out the 3 wild, kitschy, cool and I think beautiful pieces that I snagged for Spring for a song. No, not a song really, cold hard cash, but not too much of it that I’m feeling the least bit remorseful.

    Don’t you love this baby? Perfect for just a quick run to the store and it weighs next to nothing.

    What about this wallet that doubles as a clutch. The colors are so much fun. And the workmanship is fabulous.

    The Super tote is big enough to fit a few outfits, a couple of pairs of shoes and I could even throw Jack in there for good measure. Oh and it’s washable! My only wish is that it had a zipper. So I’m going to put one in so that I can really travel carefree with it.

    Time for a weekend getaway! I wish.

    Where would you run off to if you could make a quick 3 day getaway? Me? I think I’d take a quick run to the Bahamas or maybe Bermuda. I can use some blue water right about now. Now for a longer getaway it would be a cruise for sure I’ve never been on one. Greece or Italy. Yes!



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    My Obsession- Hello Lover again.

    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s raring to go today. Ready to start the week full of his usual energy and optimism. I hope I can keep up?

    I think I have problem. As a matter of fact I know I have a problem. How can a woman be in a theater watching a film with the swoon worthy Clive Owen and be distracted by a handbag? And yet, I was.

    The DH and I went to see Duplicity on Friday night. It was a fun night out. I was excited to see Julia and Clive together on the screen. I had my doubts about seeing Clive in such a well lit role. Something I had shared earlier with the PIC. You see I like Clive in nice and dark roles but he worked it out for me.

    The movie had it points that had me saying huh? But happily that was worked out nicely too. But back to the main point of today’s post, my problem. This night should have been all about the film and Clive, but there I was very early on in the story totally smitten when confronted with an old love. The Marc Jacobs Blake Shoulder Bag. Julia’s character carries it in the film. I turn to my DH and whispered to him. “I love that bag. Marc Jacobs. 995.” He growls and I can almost feel his eyes roll. I swear if there was AA for bag obsessives he would have me there weekly. It’s a good thing I can’t afford these loves.

    Watch the trailer and see it in motion.

    Check out the movie and see Clive in action!