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New Jeans

In the “man is the blog boring when she’s rambling category” I got a new pair of jeans at Old Navy in the $19.00 jean sale. WIN!

The best part is I was in a rush and had no time or patience to try the jeans on so I was fully prepared to to the return trip and was being extra careful with the receipt. But when I did try the jean on at home… surprise, perfect fit. Now if only they were two sizes smaller. Oh well, can’t have every thing.

Sidebar: Are you as and creeped out by the mannequins, excuse me Super Modelquins, in these commercials as I am? I can’t stand talking things who’s lips don’t move. Just sayin.

But at least this video is funny. Sort of. I guess? It’s late. Eeee…


P.S. Hey I could have gotten these jeans. Thanks Angela James and twitter for this video.