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    I’m loving the Book clutch by Olympia Le-Tan that Natalie Portman is holding here at her New York Black Swan premier.


    Here are a few more from a slide show from The Telegraph with more of Olympia’s cool clutches. Makes it so hard to choose which one I like the best to add to my wish list for Santa Baby. Which would you choose?





    Image from the Los Angeles Times
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    Sex and No City

    So Wednesday already? How’d that happen?

    Oh well that’s how it goes when you get a holiday Monday.  I did what I said and eased into the week by going to the spa for a bit yesterday. Well, you see once again while cleaning I found a gift from the lovey DH that was given to me almost a year ago for my birthday for a massage and a facial and it was about to expire (why do I keep doing that?). Ding dong me I went the whole year stressing and doing for everyone else and almost let this treat for myself slip away. I’m so glad that I didn’t. It was a little bit of heaven and a reminder to stop putting myself last on my list.


    This last weekend like a ton of other folks I went to see Sex and The City 2 and sadly like a ton of other folks I walked away disappointed.

    It was such an odd thing because I really pride myself on going against the grain of high faulting critics and being a big “go to a movie just for the entertainment” of it type of person. So after getting the DH to come with me to see it (he was one of 3 men in the theater on Friday night) I left trying to convince myself of the finer points.

    “Well Samantha was Samantha. She was funny.” I told him enthusiastically as he looked at me oddly.  “And Charlotte looked good in most of her outfits.” Still odd looks and then my mind went to a scene where she’s making cupcakes in vintage Valentino and I had to then turn to my DH and admit “It wasn’t that good huh?”

    “No” he said. “It wasn’t.”

    To me this felt like an opportunity to dress the ladies up in inappropriate hats, spice tones and brights and pose them in the desert without a proper story. I mean I’m all for fun and all for fashion but this City girls need a proper story!

    Now I’m not trying to discourage you all. Please go and see for yourself. There are things to see visually and parts that are fun. I’m just sad to say Sex without the City didn’t do it for me.



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    10th Photo Mariah slash Beyonce on a budget

    What’s Jack up to? Jack has been an odd one. Very pushy and demanding lately. He wants what he wants when he wants it and is not afraid to show it. A total toddler like dog. So Jack.

    The Lovely Debra from Lifescapes tagged me with the 10th post challenge where you are supposed to post your 10th blog photo. Now I had to dig way back to January 2008 for this 10th photo and the post was back when I was blogging Project Runway which I have not been doing for the past 2 seasons though I still watch the show. I will say I was not surprised with the final 2 at all this season but wanted Emilio to win. Ahh well. I also give thanks to Anthony for providing the entertainment this year.

    Now this 10th pic was of a Christian Sirano design from one of the challenges. Christian turned out to be the winner and stand out of the show. Attached is a more recent youtube clip of Christian being just Christian. I love that he carries a date book like I do. Beyonce!


    If you care to play along in the 10 photo post let me know and I’ll come for a visit. I’d love to see your 10th photos.



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    The Art Of The Trench

    One good thing about the moody rainy days of not quite spring is pulling out the old trench. Well I was in dire need of a new raincoat (the London Fog has about had it) and until I can snag a Burberry I was on the hunt of a nice one on a budget. I found my favorite in a twill at Old Navy. The long enough sleeves were perfect for my ultra long arms. The only problem was the last one in my size was in white and khaki was sold out all over Westchester. To the net I went and, yay, my coat has arrived. I love it. Just in time for slightly warmer weather but still moody days.

    Are you ready for the moody days?
    In the meantime enjoy The Art of The Trench from Burberry.


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    3rd Times a Charm?

    So… I just couldn’t leave well enough alone. Thanks so much for all your comment on my post with the pic of me in my new glasses here. After that post and halfway through your kind comments on how nice I looked, I promptly got my butt in gear and made my way to yet another eyeglass store in the handy chain that has the fab 30 day no questions asked guarantee. Sigh.

    When I went into the new store I told the employees my story about just feeling blah about my new glasses and asked their opinion. They agreed the glasses were a tad too big for my face and that I should be happy with them so I spent a good hour there mulling over frames until I found these that are very close to my pair that broke and I loved. And one hour after that I had my 3rd pair of new glasses.

    Let’s hope 3rd times the charm. I sure think so! Lesson here? It really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about how you look. It’s how you feel about how you look that counts.
    Or maybe what Frieda Kahlo thinks. She looks happy to me.

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    Going Gaga for Fashion

    What’s Jack up to? Jack has been sneaky lately with getting into the trash on the DL and stealing my laundry, annoying things like that to let me know Jack’s in the house and be on the lookout.

    Ms. That’s Not My Age (you can check out her cool blog here) asked me to talk about Lady Gaga’s costumes a bit and I’m more than happy to. Her costumes were super fab. As you can imagine they were over the top and in pure Gaga style. Some swallowed her tiny body whole others barely covered her up and I’m speaking about a fiery red bikini that she danced like mad around on the stage in. A particular fave of mine was a gold number that took me back to a movie a loved Flash Gordon, but once again I’m dating myself. I really need to stop doing that.

    All the wild fashions were not on the stage either. I wish I had taken pics of the crowd. There was a guy with a jacket made of lights that I was so glad I wasn’t seated behind. Also quite a few women my age (and size) in unitards (not pretty at all) and the coolest and coldest duo were two guys in loincloths and boots and that was it all except the blue body paint ala Avatar. Very fun.

    most photos thanks to Socilaite Life
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    Warm Me Up

    Happy Friday peeps! It’s supposed to be another cold one today and snow too. My kids are wishing with all their might for a snow day and I spent the better part of the evening explaining that doing homework was a a safer bet since I’m praying there is no snow day. Ah, the wish/prayer weather counter clash.
    Either way I wish I had this coat to warm me up. Doesn’t she look wonderful. I hope it’s warm where you are. I’m about tired of freezing.

    Pic from the Satorialist

    And thanks for your sweet comments on the My Space feature yesterday. You all warm me considerably.


    UPDATE: 2 hour school snow delay so both win I guess.