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    Love Between The Covers

    I’m loving the idea of this documentary: Love Between The Covers and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Being a romance lover and novelist I’m all for women supporting women and there are now 4 days left if you’d like to get on board and support this Kickstarter project too. You can check out the details here.


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    Will U Be My BBF?

    Happy Friday! I truly can’t believe how fast this week has gone by. Head.Is. Spinning.  Oh well. I hope you are keeping up better than I am.

    If you have a second please go and visit me where I’m contributing today over at Heroes and Heartbreakers . I’m giving my thoughts on the BBF (The Black Best Friend) and her role in Hollywood. You know you want to know what I think. Go. See. Thanks!



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    Sex and No City

    So Wednesday already? How’d that happen?

    Oh well that’s how it goes when you get a holiday Monday.  I did what I said and eased into the week by going to the spa for a bit yesterday. Well, you see once again while cleaning I found a gift from the lovey DH that was given to me almost a year ago for my birthday for a massage and a facial and it was about to expire (why do I keep doing that?). Ding dong me I went the whole year stressing and doing for everyone else and almost let this treat for myself slip away. I’m so glad that I didn’t. It was a little bit of heaven and a reminder to stop putting myself last on my list.


    This last weekend like a ton of other folks I went to see Sex and The City 2 and sadly like a ton of other folks I walked away disappointed.

    It was such an odd thing because I really pride myself on going against the grain of high faulting critics and being a big “go to a movie just for the entertainment” of it type of person. So after getting the DH to come with me to see it (he was one of 3 men in the theater on Friday night) I left trying to convince myself of the finer points.

    “Well Samantha was Samantha. She was funny.” I told him enthusiastically as he looked at me oddly.  “And Charlotte looked good in most of her outfits.” Still odd looks and then my mind went to a scene where she’s making cupcakes in vintage Valentino and I had to then turn to my DH and admit “It wasn’t that good huh?”

    “No” he said. “It wasn’t.”

    To me this felt like an opportunity to dress the ladies up in inappropriate hats, spice tones and brights and pose them in the desert without a proper story. I mean I’m all for fun and all for fashion but this City girls need a proper story!

    Now I’m not trying to discourage you all. Please go and see for yourself. There are things to see visually and parts that are fun. I’m just sad to say Sex without the City didn’t do it for me.



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    Wednesday? No Way!

    What’s Jack up to? The poor thing is just watching me run to and fro this week. He doesn’t know what to think.

    I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. Just the thought gets my heart racing and um, I don’t want to go up that road. Too scary. Must chill. Still so much more to do.

    It’s crazy how fast this week is going. It feel like all I’m doing is driving up and down the main drag running all over the county. Thank goodness for Left Talk radio and Audio books to keep me sane. Sadly the Writing pages aren’t mounting up like I’d like. Generally typing while driving is frowned upon. Go figure.

    So I’m folding laundry and watching Dancing with the… Stars? and those music sensations (?) The Jonas Brothers come on and start to sing. Now I never paid them much attention, but I’ve heard the talk. “He’s the cutest”, “No, he’s the cutest”. Ugh!

    But wait a minute are they singing A-Ha from the 80’s, Take On Me?Who are they fooling? And did anyone else notice that they are pretty much Hanson re-dux with black hair and accessories?

    So I’m wild for this guy, Brandon Hardesty that reenacts scenes from movies in his parents basement. Here’s his take from Atonement. Enjoy! More later.