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    Wednesday? No Way!

    What’s Jack up to? The poor thing is just watching me run to and fro this week. He doesn’t know what to think.

    I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. Just the thought gets my heart racing and um, I don’t want to go up that road. Too scary. Must chill. Still so much more to do.

    It’s crazy how fast this week is going. It feel like all I’m doing is driving up and down the main drag running all over the county. Thank goodness for Left Talk radio and Audio books to keep me sane. Sadly the Writing pages aren’t mounting up like I’d like. Generally typing while driving is frowned upon. Go figure.

    So I’m folding laundry and watching Dancing with the… Stars? and those music sensations (?) The Jonas Brothers come on and start to sing. Now I never paid them much attention, but I’ve heard the talk. “He’s the cutest”, “No, he’s the cutest”. Ugh!

    But wait a minute are they singing A-Ha from the 80’s, Take On Me?Who are they fooling? And did anyone else notice that they are pretty much Hanson re-dux with black hair and accessories?

    So I’m wild for this guy, Brandon Hardesty that reenacts scenes from movies in his parents basement. Here’s his take from Atonement. Enjoy! More later.