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Going Gaga for Fashion

What’s Jack up to? Jack has been sneaky lately with getting into the trash on the DL and stealing my laundry, annoying things like that to let me know Jack’s in the house and be on the lookout.

Ms. That’s Not My Age (you can check out her cool blog here) asked me to talk about Lady Gaga’s costumes a bit and I’m more than happy to. Her costumes were super fab. As you can imagine they were over the top and in pure Gaga style. Some swallowed her tiny body whole others barely covered her up and I’m speaking about a fiery red bikini that she danced like mad around on the stage in. A particular fave of mine was a gold number that took me back to a movie a loved Flash Gordon, but once again I’m dating myself. I really need to stop doing that.

All the wild fashions were not on the stage either. I wish I had taken pics of the crowd. There was a guy with a jacket made of lights that I was so glad I wasn’t seated behind. Also quite a few women my age (and size) in unitards (not pretty at all) and the coolest and coldest duo were two guys in loincloths and boots and that was it all except the blue body paint ala Avatar. Very fun.

most photos thanks to Socilaite Life