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The Art Of The Trench

One good thing about the moody rainy days of not quite spring is pulling out the old trench. Well I was in dire need of a new raincoat (the London Fog has about had it) and until I can snag a Burberry I was on the hunt of a nice one on a budget. I found my favorite in a twill at Old Navy. The long enough sleeves were perfect for my ultra long arms. The only problem was the last one in my size was in white and khaki was sold out all over Westchester. To the net I went and, yay, my coat has arrived. I love it. Just in time for slightly warmer weather but still moody days.

Are you ready for the moody days?
In the meantime enjoy The Art of The Trench from Burberry.



  • Debra

    Great trench! I have collected a few from Target over the last couple of years. Bright spring colors and patterns-and very reasonable. Why spend a fortune when you can change according to the day or your whim? Love your classic trench.

  • Frau

    Love it! I just tried my trench on and sadly it shrunk will hanging in my closet weird how that keeps happening. Now I'm searching for a reasonable price one. Enjoy your new coat.

  • Tonya Kappes

    WestChester where? Are you in Cincy?
    I got a trench from Bananna Republic over five years ago and I love it. It still looks great.

  • Kwana

    I'm glad you all like the trench.

    Debra Target has great ones but did not accomadate my arms. So sad for me.

    Frau that is odd. Time to shop!

    Tonya where is Cincy? I'm in lower Westchester, Ardsley by Scarsdale and Dobbs. Love Banana.

  • Kristen Painter

    I love a trench, but even in FL it's hard to find appropriate days to wear one. I need a really light weight one.

    Hmm. A reason to shop. Never a bad thing, right?

  • pve design

    I have a black satin trench from Paris that I bought years ago – and I think if you love a trench, it is worth the investment. Just look at "Casablanca" or any great old movie and the trench always stands the test of time and any sort of storm!
    I spotted a yellow stripe trench at Target that looks so happy!

  • Joyce

    This is so funny, last night I was with some girlfriends and we were talking trench coats, how every gal show have a cute one!! I adore yours- now you and Jack can splash through the puddles in style. xo

  • Karena

    Trenches are great and pass though the seasons w liners etc. Kristen, try a lightweight cotton sateen.

    Art by Karena

  • Ina in Alaska

    Do you know I do not own a trench coat! But if I did own one I would wear mine with a turtleneck underneath – I love turtlenecks…(also pants or skirt). xoxo