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It’s Not Nice To Mess With Mother Nature

So who pissed off Mother Nature? Seriously, it wasn’t me. This was some crazy weekend. Rain, wind it could have been an almost hurricane around these parts. By Saturday night the wind had kicked up past 60 mph so it was pretty dangerous and the lights were flickering on and off.

I was doing pretty good until I saw what I thought were fireworks outside my bedroom window. I looked out and saw that the Con Ed wires out front were sparking. Uh-oh.

The telephone lines were flooded and I could not get though to Con Ed so I called the police dept since I saw them doing drive by’s to check on folks and they came by and looked up at the wire. Nice. Looking is…good. But we so have a great village loop that I hopped on where folks can list their concerns and the village manger and the mayor are on it and were all night. They were on the horn with Con Ed and added my street to the list of problems so I’m grateful for that.

Then I woke on Sunday morning to a strange but cute cat walking though my yard and a piece of the back fence down along with another huge branch falling from a pine tree. DH had to buy a chainsaw. Yikes! Look out now!

But all in all I feel blessed. No one was hurt. The house was not damaged. There are plenty in our area that are without power and have damage to their homes so I’m not going to complain. Time to start the clean up.



  • Pretty Neat Designs

    This rain is totally insane! Maybe you have the same storm we've been dealing with for going on 3 days in Boston. Luckily no downed wires on my block, but the rain and wind have done a number on some of the trees. Glad you are safe!

  • Tonya Kappes

    Wow, someone did make her mad. I'm sorry to see all the damage done to your back yard. Goodluck with the clean up.

  • Debra

    We got some of that weather here as well- but I think yours was even worse. You are sure getting some interesting weather there this winter/spring!

  • Joyce

    I saw on the news that the east has been having their share of weather. I'm glad you and your family are OK. I think you have a great blog post when your DH comes out with his manly tool- the chain saw. smile… With spring for sure comes spring cleaning. Hugs to you and Jack. xo

  • Deidra

    I saw that storm reported on the news this morning while I was the treadmill! It looks like it was a doozy! I remember those Nor'easters from when we lived in CT and PA. Now…in NE, I've graduated to full-blown tordanos!

    Stay warm and safe!

  • Frau

    Wow I can't believe the weather the east coast has had this winter! Glad everyone was safe in your home. Have a wonderful Monday!

  • North of 25A

    You are not kidding! We were out on Sat. night in that crazy storm in NYC & my husbands glasses blew off his face!

  • T. Anne

    Nothing like having mother nature do some landscaping work for you huh? At least it was free. 😉 I'm glad everyone is safe!

  • Jax Cassidy

    Glad to hear nothing got damaged. We had a freak rainstorm last weekend and I really loved it. Especially when I'm curled up in bed with my netbook. I like the sound of rain and it was a nice change from the cold weather.

    Now, I need to get used to the time change again.

  • Ina in Alaska

    Been watching your outrageous weather on the national news. So much trouble for the East Coast. Hope Strange But Cute kittie made it safely home, although it should not have been put outsde, I disagree with letting cats roam around outside… xoxo