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Keep it Cool Boy

Well, it was bound to happen. The DS (Dear Son) has gone all fashion on me. Now this is normally the DD’s aka “The Diva’s” job, but for the past two weeks it was the DS that has been bugging me to take him to the mall and for a pea coat of all things. This is the same kid that I can’t get to put on a light jacket in 15 degree weather. Color me confused, but not for long, adolescence is kicking in and I guess the whole ‘clothes make the man thing’ or at least gets you noticed is starting to become apparent with his set. Eek. Why me? I’m so not mature enough for this job.
Well, being this late in the season it was no easy task finding a pea coat. Sell outs everywhere.

Finally, late Saturday night success! In the store he slips the coat on, goes to the full length mirror and smiles suddenly giving me a glimpse of the young man that I’ll have to let go of very soon.

“So what the big deal with this coat?”, I ask. “Why do you have to have it now?”

He looks at me like I surely don’t have a brain in my head and says, “Mom I can’t go around looking like a bum with Barack Obama being president now can I?”

I just smile. “No sweetie, surely, you can’t. Now do you have a belt on, care to pull those jeans up a bit more?”
Yep, Change has come…

P.S. I never posted a pic, but I did finally finish knitting the DS’s after Christmas hat right before his birthday. Here it is: