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What’s Jack up to? He’s admiring all the snow that I’m coming to loathe. Enough already with this winter thing. Is it over yet? Come on, another snow storm? Another snow day? Waa Whine…

So, I’m happy to say Katie was not telling tales when she made Lisa Kleypas’ Blue Eyed Devil one of her top picks for 2008. I finished the book the night before last and I can’t tell you all how disappointed I was that it was actually over.

There I was at 11:30 at night looking around with at least a hundred other unread books in my house, but sad that I didn’t have another Lisa Kleypas just like this one to begin reading right at that moment. Don’t you love it when that happens?
It was refreshing to read a straight contemporary for a change. No mystery, magic, shape shifters or vampires. No deep tales of angst or melancholy. Just a good romance with an intriguing heroine and sexy rake (yep, a contemporary rake) of a hero with all sorts of trouble getting in the way of their love.

The tension was kept so high. There was one suspenseful moment where I was so into the book and it just so happens something fell in another room of the house and I actually jumped. Eek! Like a little girl. That never happens to me. (note to self: keep the tension high)

Well done! Thanks for the recommendation, Katie. I’ve turned into a huge Lisa Kleypas fan. The woman can write right.