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    Prime Time

    What’s Jack up to? He’s currently driving me batty by relentlessly squeaking the squeaker on his new toy. I have a feeling said toy may get “lost” real soon.

    Last week I received the most lovely gift from a blog friend of mine, Brown Girl Gumbo. Life:The America Journey of Barack Obama is a hardcover book filled with amazing photographs and wonderful words chronicling the Senator’s journey. I’m so proud to have it grace my coffee table.

    Thanks so much Brown Girl! If you want to check out one of the coolest fashion, celeb and beauty blogs ev-ah pop on over there. I know you’ll be a hooked as I am.

    Did any of you see the Barack-omercil last night? Bold move huh? Hey, it’s getting down to the wire. Time to pull out all the stops. Use what you got to get what you need. I love that saying.

    Here’s a little funny (sort of serious) as we get closer to get you thinking as if you’re not already.


    P.S. Did anybody see Top Design and Jeff Lewis from Flipping Out shoot the zingers? Ouch. I’d have loved to see Jonathan Adler belt him one. He is too much!


    Shout Out to my friend author Marley Gibson. You all know Mar! From Her Sorority Series and her up coming Ghost Huntress book. Well tonight she and her hubby Mike will be on the premiere episode of MY GHOST STORY on the Biography Channel at 10pm. Check Marley and Mike out. How cool is that!
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    What’s Jack up to? Jack is hoping for the weather to warm up a bit for longer walks. Could winter really be coming up on us so fast. Brrrr!

    Oh boy are my legs burning! So I checked it out and yep, the gym is still there, but I already knew that. Crap.
    Only that cute Mel could get me into this mess. Her smooth words and silky charm took me over the edge and actually got me on the Dredmill twice in one week. I’m paying for it now though with Legs O’ Fire. I’m following the Couch potato to 5K plan which seems pretty reasonable for a runner hater like me. Let’s see if I can actually make it stick. If these legs don’t stop burning I don’t know.

    My mind is twisting in a million different directions right about now with the Dear Teen Twins, DH, the house, housework, my writing, dieting, exercise, finances (or lack thereof) and the election about 2 minutes away. UGH! I find it tough to focus on just one thing. Of course that’s the Gemini in me too.

    Lists help though and breaking the day off into chunks otherwise it can easily turn into a big lump of nothing.

    I find that music helps to get me moving when I really slow down. My music guru, the PIC, introduced me to Van Hunt a while back and he’s been fave ever since. Check him out.

    What do you think? What are some of your tricks to stay focused?



    What did you are think of the Not So Real Housewives of The ATL? Was it cool for Kim to diss NeNe? I think not.

    Oh and Scroll down if you missed the NJ conference talk.

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    The Real World

    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s enjoying the crisp Fall air. It’s fun frolicking in all these crunchy leaves, huh?

    It was attitudes all around on America’s Next Top Model. Can someone tell me what is wrong with Marjorie? I’m over her insecurities now and this is coming from me, one of the most neurotic people I know.
    But out this week was Joslyn. Once again I don’t agree with the judges AT ALL. I thought Joslyn pulled it out after being sick as all get out. If you ask me (and I know you didn’t) neither she nor Elina should have been in the bottom two. It should have been Marjorie or that McKey who just makes me roll my eyes whenever I see her.
    What is up with this mess? I am so getting over this show. Till next week of course!

    So I was feeling absolutely lost without Project Runway last night. LOST. Thank goodness I don’t have long to wait for Top Chef. Whew. I love my Wednesday fix.

    But, like an evil little ray of light STYLISTA came on right on time. Watching budding fashionistas trying to make it too Elle mag for stone faced fashion editor Anne Slowey was a nice treat.

    It was especially fun watching it with the DD. I swear kids today know nothing about paying your dues. It totally took me back to my days in fashion. MY DD could not believe it when I told her how I was the girl that did the many coffee runs straight out of college before I got to actually design a measly flower, forget an actual garment.

    She didn’t want to hear it. She was all, “Mom, seriously, I need some new clothes,” throughout the whole show. And I was all, “well you’d better get to running and making me a latte or something. Hop to it girl.” Time to teach her how the real world works.


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    Project Finito- Spoiler Alert!

    Project Finale !

    The debate is done Jack is snuggled beside me, I’m yawning, but I can’t sleep without watching Project Runway. So here I go.

    Jerell is gone and it’s just the ladies off to Parsons. They each get to present 10 looks so they have to edit out 2.
    Time to choose models.
    Korto needs girls with hair. Leanne wants Aliens. Huh? And Kenley is bossy. Surprise, surprise.
    Tim is walking through. First Kenley. Tim questioning the rope and Kenley is not hearing it. She’s not hearing anything. Tim walks away with THE best expression. Insert eye roll here.
    Korto is scared to keep her wedding dress because it was not a winner. I hope she changes it..
    Leanne has trouble editing. Too many good looks for her. Some problem to have.
    Kenley stops Tim. She changes her mind and follows his advice. Could she be learning?
    Korto is making 2 new looks at the last minute. Crazy! I hope crazy like a fox.
    Sidebar: Korto is a total vixen going out to discuss makeup? Who’s she going to see?
    Back in the workroom Leanne and Kenley are talking about each other’s lines behind their backs. Eee Oww.
    Quick hair consultation and back to work.
    Korto is stressed. Of course.
    Leanne’s model come is with a dog that poops in the workroom. Is she trying to say something about the collections?!
    Gather round its Tim with the show order and words to make you cry. Nice Tim.
    The Designers up at 3:05 am to go to the tents at Bryant Park. Ouch.
    More testimonies and tears.
    At the tents helpers arrive. Korto takes the help. Kenley says no one touches her garments. I see she’ll be fun to work for.
    Almost Showtime and all the old PR faves are there. Are they paid for this?
    Leanne has to switch a dress on a model and there are tears. There are always tears.
    Everyone’s family is there.
    Now it’s Showtime. Heidi is looking elegant. Love that dress. Anyone know who’s dress it is?
    Tim Gunn is the guest Judge since JLo bailed. Foot Problems. Sure. I’ve heard things.
    Kenley comes out. She colorful and so are her dresses. 80’s meet 50’s pin-up girls. I like the fuchsia and black and the sleek black and the cream with floral.

    Korto is next and she is feeling herself.
    Love the first look. So sleek. And the new dress. Third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh in white. Awesome. Yellow is gorgeous. Green at the end beautiful. A knockout! Looks for so many women. I could wear this. Love her use of color. And she grabs her daughter to walk with her at the end. A tear from me. Perfect.

    look it’s Bianca from ANTM!

    Next up Leanne. First look is pretty. Like the second. Fourth is pretty and fifth. I still love that wedding gown. I like her craftsmanship but wish for more variety in her palette and variation on the petals.

    For me the winner is Korto. Let’s see who does win.

    Now to the judges. Hey, Nina is smiling. Oh happy day.
    They love Kenley’s painting. But another dress reminds them of a dress that’s out there. She’s not winning.

    Korto showed her heritage and did not make it into a costume, but some pieces are overworked. She needs to hold back.

    Leanne had divine workmanship. They loved all her different pieces. Maybe too many petals. Um, yeah.
    Judges deliberate. My heart is beating fast.

    The winner is… not Kenley.
    It’s… Leanne. I had a feeling it would be her. That’s the way the poll went. She had a lovely collection it just did not excite me with looks for so many real women like Korto’s did. Bummer. I never get the winner I want.

    Congratulations Leanne! Fun season. I’m looking forward to Top Chef next month.


    P.S. Scroll down to talk politics if you’re not over it.

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    Anderson Inspired

    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s hibernating under my bed right now and won’t come out without the promise of a treat. He so stubborn. Just calling doesn’t work. I don’t like Blackmail Jack.
    Right after saying I wasn’t inspired, I got a much needed smile and burst of energy from Anderson Cooper. I’m sure most of you know that I have been just a tad bit into this year’s presidential race. The final debate is tonight up against the finale of Project Runway. Can you believe that? What’s a girl to do? I’m actually taping PR because I’m even more into politics right now then pop culture. Eek! I must be sick.

    But marrying my tv love and politics fix, Anderson Cooper was filling in for Regis on Live with Regis and Kelly yesterday and if I didn’t think I could love Mr. Cooper any more he dropped a bomb on me and professed his love of Prince, even going so far as to steal a guitar pick from a hotel room also hanging out with Dave Chapelle and then here’s the best… are you ready? He watches the Real Housewives of Atlanta!

    Anderson, call me. The DVR is all set up and the Prosecco will be chilled.
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    I have to make a correction to my last post. (Thanks Brown Girl)
    Sheree’s Louis Vuitton cake on The Not So Real Housewives of the ATL was 1,200 dollars not 12,000. Not quite as crazy, but I still would have gone for a more modest cake and gotten a real bag for myself instead. Hey it’s just cake. Even though this one below is so cute from Cake Lady Cakes in Australia.

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    Real Top Models and a Real Hot Mess Fun

    What’s Jack up to? As a write this Jack is being a dog of leisure and is stretched out on the couch beside me sleeping away. Yep, he leads a pretty good life.

    Happy Monday and Happy Columbus Day! The kids are still out of school. Will it ever start again? So the weekend continues…

    Not much to say today so I wanted to give a shout of to Models Live on Vogue.TV It’s the most addictive short series where cameras follow 3 new models as they try and make it during their first season out. You get a true look glimpse into the fashion world and what it really takes to be a Top Model. No Tyra here.

    Check it out and tell me what you think.

    Austria will pull at your heart. Madeline will show what true determination is. And Cato may leave you wondering a bit.

    Go to Vogue.tv to see the rest.

    Oh, did anybody see the Not So Real Housewives Of The ATL? Whoa Baby! I don’t believe for a second that NeNe was left off that party list by mistake. That Sheree is not fooling me.
    Do you all find it hard to watch all the ridiculous excess of this show during these hard times or are you like me and find it a great escape and a good laugh? Although I will admit did have to shake my head quite a few times. Most notably at Sheree’s $12,000 Louis Vuitton birthday cake. There is no way in the world I’d spend that kind of money on a cake. It would be Duncan Hines and a real Louis Vuitton bag on my arm. But That’s just me.
    I love a good accessory even more than cake.


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    Opinions please

    So is this too close for comfort or A-OK?

    Is Kenley’s Wedding dress too close to the Alexander McQueen that the Project Runway judges were referring to last week?


    Alexander McQueen Fall 2008

    Photos thanks to David Dust again. Loves him. I had not seen the McQueen last week but now that I have, I think it’s too close for comfort. Now I come from a fashion background and have done plenty design “interpretation” in my day but this “interpretation” is pretty close to the line. Down to the flat shoes and the color of the feathers!

    Check out Project Rungay for more thoughts on this subject. I do still think her bridesmaid dress was way cute though.



    Keep reading the day’s not over…

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    Project Heartbreak

    What’s Jack up to? Jack was sleeping late on this school holiday morning just like the rest of us. Now he’s up and chipper and ready to ROCK!

    Project Runway starts with Heidi giving out cash and time for the designers to make a collection. The elimination challenge was to make a wedding dress that reflects their collection and Tim will be checking in.

    We start with Kenley saying how she was sabotaged and walking away without a goodbye. Ugh!

    First Visit- Korto in Little Rock.
    Tim says, what is this place. So funny! Korto looks great.
    The collection is very Korto. Nice palette. Ethnic, but not too much . Beautiful beading.
    Tim is worried about the sexual shape. Oh Tim. Don’t be scarrrred.
    The wedding dress needs work. I agreee.

    Tim meets hubby, daughter family and friends and Korto does a drum performance for Tim as a sweet suck up. Use what you got girl to get what you need!

    Then it’s on to Portland to see Leanne and her cute quiet boyfriend that looks just like her.
    Leanne is all about water and waves.

    Tim is concern with all the white. Tea dye it or something.

    Then he goes bike riding with Leanee, scary, but cute. It’s fun to se Tim out of his element. No family for Leanne. Where are they? No story for her either. She’s the woman of mystery. Why am I not surprised?

    On to Jerell in Los Angeles. Jerell is all evening. I feel like we’re in the Bob Mackie showroom. Not that that’s an all together bad thing. Bob in the right moment has been know to rock it. But Jerell needs to be careful.
    Tim is concerned about the top if the wedding dress. I am too.

    It’s time for editing with all the pieces. There is a lot going on there.
    Time to meet the family. Sister pretty. Love interest. Funny. Way to not commit Jerell. And Mom. Love the pics of Jerell and his Dad. That afro was a crack up.

    Finally it was save the attitude for last and Kenley in Brooklyn.
    She was all about saying she values Tim’s opinion. Riiiight.
    That photo of her grandmother totally shows where she gets her style.
    Kenley handpainted the fabrics which was pretty ambitious and they came out lovely.
    Then we could to the neck area the she has ropes on the neck. What? Hanging! Huh? Strange.
    Tim loved the wedding dress. It’s fun. Feathers. Can you say Christian?
    Kenley cries tears of joy.
    No family or even fiends visit. So sad but when you’re not nice you can’t even get friends to come by and be your friends with Tim Gunn.

    Now were all back in NY. Whew. This is too long. Sorry. It’s part one of the finally. The designers want to get their spaces before Kenley arrive. Jerell is stuck rooming with Kenley. When she arrives the reception is cold and she apologizes.

    Doorbell with champagne and food and lighten.

    They arrive at Parsons for the the designers to unpack. Time for a lookie. But Tim comes in with a whopper of another challenge. Design a bridesmaid dress to go with their wedding dress. Uh oh. It’s on!

    Tim walks through. Kenley ambitious. Jerell sloppy. Leanne now making music. Wow. Korto’s dresses are in competition.

    Tim makes a speech and gets weepy. Is it for the designers or the move to Lifetime? Hmmm…

    Now to the runway show.

    Jerell- I don’t like the top of the wedding dress. Color of the bridesmaid is bad. I don’t like iridescent. It looks cheap.

    Kenley- wedding dress is very Kenley. Cute though. Fun Bridesmaid

    Korto- Like wedding, but not the color and take a few of the pleats away please. I do like the bridesmaid dress.

    Leanne- love wedding gorgeous architecture. The winner today. Bridesmaid. Delish. Cream puff. Bravo has these pics that show nothing. What does this mean?

    I hate it when they do this so close to the end. It’s a heart breaker. But Jerell is out. If someone had to go this week he was the one.

    It’s an all girl finale. Till next week.


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    Project Meltdown

    What’s Jack up to? Good old, Jack has pulled the stuffing out of yet another stuffed toy. Looks like he’s found a new game and I have a new habit to break. Oh joy. I had to get a dog, huh?

    ANTM was all about the positive energy and poor Marjorie was embracing her wrecked nerves. She just didn’t understand all the positivity coming off the darn American girls. It was all an act, Marj. False bravado.
    The girls meet Paulina for a self styling challenge, turning good to bad with clips and pins. Which is pretty normal on shoots. Marjorie cracked under the pressure of Paulina’s criticism, but Paulina comforted her as much as she could and she was cool for a sec. The winner of the challenge was McKey who just doesn’t do it for me. Anybody else getting a Joker feeling there? The loser was Samantha who once again turned the clothes into whatever she wanted and didn’t care for the design.

    Now for the photo shoot and Mr. Jay comes out looking like The Predator from Predator vs. Alien.
    The girls were giants and looked fab done up all mod. But it’s all about Marjorie this week and she was down on herself. But they could be fooling us because there is some Joclyn talk too. Will she be in the bottom with Marjorie? Or could it be Samantha with all her confidence? Surprise- Out this week is Clark. Winner one week and out the next. Buh Bye Clark.

    Now for the main event

    Project Runway starts with Korto again. That woman wants the tents BAD. I sure hope she makes it to the end, but I’m kinda of afraid to hope. Then its Kenley saying how she’s not talking to Leanne because she tried to sabotage her outfit. Pla-ease. Earth to Kenley. Then Jerell is all sad because he’s the only guy left and stuck with talking to his imaginary fruit “Suede”. I can’t even make a joke. Poor Jerell.

    Time for a road trip to the NY Botanical Gardens and suddenly I want to take a trip. At the garden they get the challenge and it’s an L’Oreal challenge to make an evening gown using nature as your muse. The designers her given cameras and told to have at it.
    The designers choose 1 photo and off to mood they run. Looks to me like somebody left their fabric at mood. Who could it have been? Oh boy, it was, Kenley. I just can’t feel bad about it now. That’s what you get for laughing on the runway chickie.

    Day 2 and Kenley is mad, mad, mad and not talking to the other designers. Now she’s trying to buy tulle. But no designer will sell her any. Thank goodness for her Tim is so nice and letting her go back for it. Don’t you remember last week Tim and how she was taking to you? Oh well. I’m not in charge.

    Collier Strong comes in to consult on makeup and do a long commercial.
    Then it’s the Kenley sob story for a while with the other designers on one side and her on the other all sad and down and misunderstood. But really she’s not. She was mean to them the entire time. Face it.
    Tim arrives for the walk through.
    Korto’s lace is bothering him
    Kenley loves her dress. Tim doesn’t like the scales and she won’t listen. It’s just another day.
    Jerell is unfinished. Get finished.
    Leanne is looking very ‘Hello Dolly’. I agree.

    Poor Leanne with that seam ripper late at night really took me back. I feel your pain girl.
    Now Jerell is crying. And Korto. Who do they have behind the camera, Barbara Walters?
    I can’t believe this is the last runway show. This season went way too fast. I’m gonna cry too.
    Time for the show. Hey Heidi’s in a suit. Hmm.

    Korto-I like but it’s just ok.

    Leanne –Like the top but not hip and back of dress.

    Jerell-My fave. Beautiful.

    Kenley-ok but boring on top and don’t like bottom. I could buy this in a costume shop. Ugh. Why is she still arguing on the runway?

    Heidi asks the question: Why should you move forward and who should go with you? The designers are breaking it down and letting the judges know how they really feel about Kenley. Uh oh. This is not pretty.
    Kenley apologizes for being Kenley and then lets everyone know that Korto is not her favorite. Ouch.
    It was the tensest waiting room ever with Korto ready to deliver the smackdown.
    The judges deliberate and it’s all to keep us on our toes. I’m not even going to guess.

    Yay, Jerell is the winner!
    And the loser is… wait for it… Nobody. Huh? What?! They all get to make collections but only 3 will be in contention. I’m confused. Sigh, but what else is new?
    Oh well, at least I’ll get to see another week of them all working on their collections. That will be fun. More drama and it’s not mine. Bring it on!