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    Crocodile Tears

    Or how many times can a grown man cry during a 3 hour period? Answer: way too many.

    Jason, Jason, Jason. What was up with that hot mess of a put off and proposal then the After the Rose on The Bachelor? I will admit I only half watched in honor of Nana’s birthday. I was flipping back and forth between Jason and Jack Bauer on 24. There were no crocodile tears from Jack.

    Jason did not fail to disappoint me by being the guy I suspected he was from the beginning. Quite shifty. I think it’s so not fair how the show did not let Molly see how Jason broke up with Melissa. Why not give her the full picture before she makes a decision? What a big set-up this whole un-reality thing was. And they are doing a part 2?

    Well, I’ll be braving the elements to get things done that didn’t get done yesterday due to the snow day. It’s back to the bitter cold here in the northeast so I’m bundling up. Looks like it will be a while before the snow melts.

    What on tap for your day?


    P.S. Crazy woman update: I’m still hanging in there with the no sugar thing or white products. Although I did cave and have a small piece of Nana’s birthday cake. I was pretty strong at her dinner. She was not happy with me when I turned down her macaroni and cheese and the seafood salad and the sweet potato pie. I could go on and on… I feel like a warrior.

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    What’s Your Number?

    What’s Jack up to? Right now Jack chilling, soundly asleep, as if he spent all day working ever so hard. Oh a dogs life. If only we all had it as good as Jack.

    So I’m at knitting and posed this question: “Would you tell your husband your number?” No, not that number. I know where your minds are going. Your weight. Your REAL weight. Just hopped off the scale that minute weight.

    Well, there are 5 of us in knitting and I was shocked. SHOCKED. That 3 of the woman said, “sure why not?” They would tell their husbands their weight. And, yeah ,they are all in great shape. But still. Wow. Only one other woman was with me with the No Way. It doesn’t matter that we have complete opposite backgrounds. I call her my twin separated at birth. She’s Jill and I’m NeNe.

    This all came about with the whole Lent giving up sugar thing (BTW day 1 was tough) and the DH is giving up red meat. He thought that we should weigh ourselves. Now of course I know my weight. I have my scale. Go to WW. I pretty much know my weight daily. He’s a man he doesn’t think of these things much. So I was like fine. I go weight myself and clam up.

    The DH asks am I going to tell him. I’m like, “Uh, no.” Are you going to tell me. He’s like, ” sure.” I said, “great.”He tells. I don’t.

    Some things just don’t need to be said. Now, I’m a tall woman just about the same height as my DH, but nobody wants to be too close in weight to their hubby not unless their nickname is Octomom and they are still pregnant.

    I think that most men have a false ideal of what a woman should weigh and if they hear a number of say over 150-160 (ha what I would gave for that) they think it’s too large. No matter the actual size or body type. What do you think?

    So a little survey today. Would you tell your number?


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    Top Finale- Spoiler Alert!!

    Warning there are spoilers all up in here. If you don’t want to know close your eyes now…

    Top Chef starts out on a River Boat with coffee and beignets so sweet. Oh Sweet beignets. Sigh…
    Stefan is missing Fabio. Poor thing. Carla is humble and Hosea is Hosea.
    Tom tells the Chefs the final challenge is cook the best three course meal of your life and you don’t have to make a dessert if you don’t want which means you’d better make a dessert.
    The Helpers this season are Richard, Casey and Marcel from season past.

    Hosea chooses Richard,
    Stefan Picks Marcel. Think there will be enough cockiness on that team?
    And Carla gets Casey and gracious as usual and says she wanted her.
    They go to the Audubon Tea Room to prep.
    Hosea Starts out by snatching all the frois gras and he and Stefan are about to fight it out.
    Then Stefan sees Hosea took all the caviar he may burn down their station.
    Casey is talking to Carla about cooking in a bag. I sure hope it works. I mean that’s something I’ve done so it worries me. Remember Carla. She didn’t win. Watch out.

    The chefs come in the next morning and there is a twist. A big old Alligator on a table. One chef gets crab, one fish, and one alligator. They have to choose by the king cake. Hosea wins. Drats.
    Hosea takes the fish. Gives Carla the crab and his nemesis Stefan the alligator.
    Poor gator. This is awful. Stefan is ruthless.
    The crab bites back.
    They are talking menus and I’m nervous as all get out with Carla listening to Casey so much. I hope this works. She has always listened to her own voice.

    Richard has got some of Hosea’s food smocking. I can see his influence.
    Stefan-Alligator soup-Well done
    Crab-good dish
    Hosea didn’t pop.
    Stefan- so- so.
    Carla real personality

    2nd course
    Carla too refined.
    Hosea good
    Stefan- good.
    3rd course. Carla’s soufflés is a disaster. I knew she should not have gone off course. Ugh.

    Stefan was dated
    Hosea dish was good
    Fabio felt Hosea had the better meal. Will the friend ship be over?

    Judges table. Toby is back along with Gail on the opposite end of the table.
    Why should you win? Question
    Stefan- because he deserves it
    Hosea-delicious food. I am not feeling good. It’s a Hosea love fest even without any dessert.
    Carla-Because she puts her heart in it and even brings the heart out of Stefan.

    The judges break my heart and says we can all agree that Carla is out of the running ugh!! They stink. Casey stinks with her ideas. Why does a good heart and niceness never win?!!!
    I’m so glad Carla won that car last week and no matter her restaurant will be packed.
    That said, unbelievable, but true the winner is… Hosea. I cannot believe it. I think my head is going to pop off.
    Still, I can’t wait for the reunion show next week. The Hosea/Leah clip looks crazy.
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    Next Stop… Crazy Town

    Today is the start of Lent. A time of refection, prayer and sacrifice. Reflection, introspection, prayer, cool. I can do that all day. But sacrifice? Hold it. Slow it down there a bit, baby. You all know me, I’m pretty faithful, maybe a bit corny for some of you, but, oh well to that. Just this sacrifice thing is a little daunting.

    Nevertheless, I’ve been thinking long and hard about what would be a true Sacrifice for this Lent season and what would truly help me mind, body and spirit and unfortunately for me I keep coming back to Sugar.

    I know, I know, it stinks right? Why couldn’t it be something easy like um, water or, um… air? But no. Sugar keeps popping into my head. So I’m going with it and am going to try to seriously eliminate the Sugar and the white products. This here blog might get a little bit scary over the next few weeks. Hold onto your hats!

    Now back to your normally scheduled programming: Anybody watching The Not So Real Housewives of the NYC? I sure am. Yay to the hot messery. I didn’t realize how much I missed Alex and Simon. Not. But I love it anyways. Love the fast talking New York women. My peeps!

    And don’t forget tonight is the season finale for Top Chef. Fingers crossed for Carla!

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    Top Big Easy- Spoilers Ahead!

    Top Chef in the Big Easy- Warning please don’t read if you don’t want to know…

    Ok I warned you. Small admission first. I still have to watch my DVR’s Not So Real Housewives. What did Bravo think putting the premiere on at 11:oo? Crazy. I needed a disco power nap to get ready for that thing. Now to Top Chefery…

    Chefs arrive in New Orleans and Carla is all blown out and ready to rumble. Stefan is pumped up. Fabio has a Mohawk. And Hosea is… Hosea.

    Emeril Lagasse is the guest judge in New Orleans. Surprise. Not. The quick fire is confusing. They bring back Jamie, Jeff and Leah for a chance to get back into the competition. What?! Nobody is happy. The three of them compete against each other in a crawfish challenge for a place back in the competition.

    Leah talks about being bitter about being kicked out. I think some will be bitter if she’s kicked back in.
    Jamie’s messing with poached an egg which worries me. But I like her haircut.
    Jeff is seasoning like crazy. He must have come with the Bam sauce.

    Emeril picks the winner and it’s Jeff. I’m actually happy for him. But his victory is snatched as Padma tells him he has to win the elimination challenge to stay in the game. Oh snap.

    The Chefs go to Mardi Gras World (bit of trivia: the DH and I had dinner there when in the Big Easy it was quite fun) and are given instruction and shown a new car like on The Price Is Right. The winner of this challenge gets the car. Nice.
    Chefs must do 2 dishes and one must be Creole plus a drink.
    Best comment of the night I think came from Hosea who said it would have been the first Top Chef without a Mohawk to Fabio who showed up with it in New Orleans! That was funny.
    Stefan goes for a smoke and doesn’t make sausage from scratch? Way to sweat Stefan.
    Carla said she’s going to have to MacGyver it. I hear ya.
    Carla doesn’t drink and she’s going for it with Non-Alcoholic in New Orleans. Risky but cool.

    We find out that Gail is back and Carla cheers. I want to cheer too. Toby the sour puss won’t be missed by the chefs or Tom I suspect.

    The masqueraders come into the ball and Carla thinks it beautiful and Fabio is reminded of an old porno movie. He just kills me.
    Jeff- Gets good reviews.
    Stefan-ok, but rue is not dark enough.
    Fabio-a parade in the mouth. Nuff said.
    Carla-Hootie Hoo!
    Hosea-did good on the gumbo.
    I have no clue who is going home.

    Judges table too funny. Why was Fabio giving Hosea that funny stare? What?! I laughed so hard. Tom’s face at Stefan’s comment also priceless.
    Decision time. Judges say there was a clear winner and it was…Carla!!! Thanks for telling me judges.
    Carla won the challenge and a new car!! I’m so happy.

    Sorry to Jeff. Buh-buy.
    Hosea is in.

    It’s down to the dynamic duo. Stefan and Fabio.

    And Fabio has to pack his knives and go. I’m not happy about it. Of course it’s all based on attitude since I can’t taste the food but Stefan’s attitude should have sent him home.

    I’m for Carla all the way. Hootie Hoo!!

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    Happy President’s Day!

    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s wishing you all a Happy President’s Day.

    Sure there is plenty to be down about with this economy, but so many more reasons to hope. So what do you all think? Jack for Commerce Secretary?



    Anybody checking out reality tv? Survivor is back with the early crazy along with The Amazing Race. And I’m so excited to say The Not So Real Housewives of the NYC premiers tomorrow. I really wasn’t into the OC, but you know I’m all about New York. I’ll be watching. If only for Alex and Simon on the beach.

    P.P.S. make your own Obamicon here

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    Top Last Supper

    What a fun show it was last night. Full of eggs (not my favorite) and tons of biblical references. In order to keep the big spoilers only in the comments (have at it there)Let’s discuss:

    How much we love her!

    How funny he is…

    How whatever she is…

    How in need of a just little smack he is…

    And how much we can’t stand him…Ugh!

    Hootie hoo!

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    Top French Chef

    What did you all who watched think of Top Chef? I had no motivation to really give it a blow by blow blog this week. The only fun was Jamie’s stinky attitude towards the perfection that was Le Bernardin and Chef Eric Ripert. Excuse me, Missy. Also Carla’s funny expressions during the quickfire cracked me up. I really like her. I decided to write this way to keep all spoilers in the comments.
    Have at it!


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    Top Bowl- Spoilers Ahead

    Top Chef comes on and the midnight lovers, Leah and Hosea are feeling remorseful in the light of day.

    The leftover chefs head to the kitchen and the Quaker Oats quickfire challenge. I sure miss the old days without so much product placement. I am so tired of seeing the name of those darn stoves. There is no immunity for this challenge and on the bottom of the batch were Leah, Fabio and Jeff. Tops were Carla, Jamie and Stefan. The winner is Stefan.

    They go in the NSG room and see numbers on chef’s jackets. From this they just know it’s a football challenge. How? I don’t know.

    Elimination challenge is Top Chef Bowl against past season’s losers. The only ones that are moderately interesting are Andrew and Fedora Spike. Hi Andrew!

    Stefan gets to decide who he’s going against and he chooses Andrea. Who? I know that’s what I said.

    The rest are divided up and challenged to cook head to head. Any chef who loses their head to head will be up for elimination. I like kinda this challenge.

    Jeff vs. Josie-Josie wins. She rocked it.
    Carla vs. Andrew-crazy vs crazy Carla’s crazy wins.
    Stefan vs. Andrea- Stefan is in love. She plays him and wins. Hosea could not be happier.
    Hosea vs. Miguel-Hosea
    Leah vs. Nikki- Leah wins.
    Jamie vs. Camille- Once again who? The winner is Jamie
    Fabio vs. Fedora Spike- both are talking trash. It’s good. Spike wins. But barely. I’m confused with Fabio talking. Why is he making me think he won?

    All in all season 5 takes it.
    At the judges table the winners are called in to pick the big winner and it’s Carla! And she wins 2 tickets to the Superbowl.

    In the bottom are Stefan, Fabio and Jeff. I’m loving listening to Fabio explain his overcooked meat. It could go for an hour. But going home is… Jeff. Why am I not surprised?

    Are you?