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    Head Spinning- Spoiler alerts!

    Hi all. Happy Friday!

    First off thanks so much for all your comments and congrats yesterday on my 600th post. If you didn’t comment there is still a little time to go here comment and enter for your chance to win a 20.00 gift card. So please follow and comment!

    My head is still spinning today after my roller coaster rides and last night’s TV watching did nothing to help. Project Runway is back! How awful is it for me that it’s up against The Not so Real Housewives? Torture I tell ya!

    So I watched Project Runway both the pre-show All Stars and the actual show.

    I was thrilled to see Tim Gunn back. I’ve decided I need a Tim Gunn in my life as my writing coach. With him I’d never give up no matter how many rejections. I’d Make It Work despite all doubts.

    I loved seeing the all stars back. Santino was a trip. I can’t for the life of me figure out why Chris March was to tired or what was going on with Michael/Mychael Knight’s name. Yeesh. Oh and Jeffery’s stach just about cracked my up. Those zany all stars.

    In the end I was totally disappointed with who the judges picked to win. Once again disappointing me and my girl Korto. I have a feeling there will be a lot of that this season. Look she still looks mad in this pic.

    See they went for Daniel. Doesn’t he look smug? I think they look these pics after the winner was chosen. Don’t you? He’s about to crack up here.

    As for the Season premier I think they totally made the right decision and spared us a few episodes of general nuttiness in clothing by letting Ari go. That was no red carpet dress. Buh-bye.

    I ended up taping The Real Housewives of ATL. Will save that hot mess for tonight. I’m spent.

    9:21 Update: I watched. It was a hot mess. Kim doesn’t know who King Tut is. And I can’t sell a book. What is with the world? Sigh? I’m getting a blond Barbie wig maybe that will help.


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    A Hot Mess!

    I’m deep in editing mode right now and this project is taking me way longer than I thought and had hoped. I really hope it’s not for nothing but I keep holding onto the words that author, Jayne Ann Krentz aka Amanda Quick told me at Nationals last year, “No writing is wasted writing.”

    The story is improving. So that means I am improving.
    Where that will lead, I don’t know. As an artist and being close to my work it’s hard to tell exactly where I am on the craft scale compared to other writers. Now I know some may say you shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone else, but that’s not true. You have to know what’s out there and ultimately sell your story against what else is out there. I guess in the end all I can do is be true to myself and the story and do my best which is what I do with each book I write.

    Now on the the hot messery…So tonight The Real Housewives of Atlanta are back tonight. I’ll be watching. I can’t want to see all the crazy antics. Check out the trailer. Big Poppa is still on he scene. SHE by Sheree has some competition and NeNe is still NeNe. Yay! Will you be watching with me?


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    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s been enjoying peaceful warm days and wild evening with the dear twins. They give him no rest and he gives them none either. So with that I get none. The nights are …fun?

    Not a big one for conspiracy theories, well, maybe a bit but not the scary ones I’m still still crazy drawn to this movie. It’s got John Cusack. Win there and it’s directed by Roland Emmerich director of Independence Day another win. I saw this trailer during Harry Potter with the Dear Twins and can’t get it out of my head. It’s wild.

    Don’t know where I’ll be in 2012, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be in the IMAX come November.

    What movies are you looking forward to?

    Oh and it’s Real Hot Mess of ATL Countdown time. Are you ready for tomorrow?


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    I’m a Vulcan!

    And My hair is fab! Though everything else is just strange and freaky.

    Create Your Own

    Oh Kristen and Mel you do find the best things. Thanks so much!

    Now go and make your own here and keep the joy going. Happy Friday.



    1. Book/Dinner/Wine/Mom’s night out was so much fun. We had an exciting discussion over The Ten Year Nap. We even got lively over the word ‘piquant’. All different views on the characters and the style of writing. We were the loudest in the restaurant. Thank goodness we were in the back and we were the last to leave the restaurant. Too funny.

    2.Did you watch the real Hot Messes of NYC part 2 reunion? So fun! The best. Le Countess giving Kelly the business. Who woulda thunk it? Then the Kelly Bethenny showdown. Whoa!

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    Girl’s Night Out-Literary Edition

    Tonight is book group or book/wine/dinner group. Well, to be honest it’s mom’s night out with a book to give it legitimacy.

    New restaurant tonight, Persian and BYOB. Fun! PVE is the designated driver. Loves her!

    We’ve all finished THE TEN YEAR NAP and I can’t wait to get into the discussion and see who thought what of this book about mothers going through life’s adversities. I’ve got my thoughts. But, don’t I always?

    The new selection is THE LACE READER by Brunonia Barry. I’ve decided to “read” this one on audio book during walks with Jack since the weather is getting better and my TBR (to be read) pile is tipping over and full of great romances that I’m excited to read.

    Here is the trailer:

    What are you currently reading?


    P.S. I made an error! Part 2 of the NYC Housewives reunion is tonight. I’m setting my DVR are you watching?

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    Domestic Space Goddess

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is chilling as I write this. Wish I had time to chill like dear Jack. That’s okay. He’ll chill for me.

    I’m a woman being hurled though space and time with lots to say and not enough time to say it. It’s been all work, work, work and none of it fun.

    All this domestic stuff had me dreaming of pirates taking me away. No, not those kind but the sexy romantic sweep me away in tight breeches kind thank you very much.

    I mean, hey if I’m swabbing the deck there might as well be a nice treasure at the end of the deal. Sigh.

    Hey and did you all watch Part 1 of the Real Housewives of the NYC hot mess reunion special? I love it when the words come back to. They always do. Hello Camera! Ramona and her wildness. Kelly and the tears. There was so much Hot Messery that they need a part 2 next week.

    And then I couldn’t even go to bed because they put The Hot Messes of New Jersey on right after. What?! Teresa is going for a French chateau look in her marble, granite and onyx house and paying only in cash. I’m saying no more.

    Oh, Bravo how I love and hate you at the same time.


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    The Fashion Show

    So tonight I’ll be in front on the TV with, hopefully, my new fix, Isaac Mizrahi and The Fashion Show. I’ve got my fingers crossed that it will be a good filler for my Project Runway that is running away to Lifetime. Which is on channel Idon’tevenknow coming on Idon’tevenknowwhen.

    I’ll be happy to see cutie, Kelly Rowland but come on, can she bring the barbs? That will have to be all Issac. We’ll see people? I wonder if it will Be David Dust blog worthy? Hmm…


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    Spring Forward- New Knits

    It’s been a while since I’ve done a Knit Wednesday post. Mainly, because I’m embarrassed to be so far behind in my knitting. I’m still on that darn second sock. Every once in a while knitting a row here and there and when it’s our Wednesday knitting group but mostly doing more therapeutic chatting than knitting.

    I also have a bulky black turtleneck that I fear may be done by the winter of 2020 at the rate I’m going but at this point my mind is now onto lighter prettier things like this:

    The pattern is called Spring Forward.

    Isn’t it sweet? From here and unfortunately way out of my league. I’d probably have to start with taking a class in lace knitting before a could graduate up to a circular sock in such a pattern but isn’t it nice to dream?

    New thing to add to my goal list: Take a class in lace knitting.

    Tell me, what’s something new you’d like to learn?



    How funny are the Not So Real Housewives of the NYC? Thisssss funny. That dis-Countess and Ramona had me laughing so hard last night. I sure needed that at 10PM. And Alex and Simon in their sad blow up pool. I cracked up but it gave me something to like about them. I should get one for the DH and I. We’ll be living the high life too.

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    Top Chef Watch What Happens- Spoiler alert ahead

    So I just watched the watched what happens special this morning because I was all thrown off with my times last night and watched Top Model. I have to say. This is the way to watch Top Chef!

    Well Bravo did a nice job trying to sell us on the magical trickery of Hosea. Um, I didn’t fall for it, but nice try.

    Love the Team Europe Bromance clip. Now I want an I heart Fabio tee- shirt.

    Oh and then the tension of the Hosea and Leah romance. And Hosea tries to blame it on the Alcohol. Just like the Jamie Foxx song. Way to man up, Hosea.

    Now On to lighter things. Who knew about all the craziness going on in the Not So Glad room? I guess they found a way to make it pretty glad. Beds, volleyball net, booze.
    The Stefan clip just cracked me up. Laugh out loud funny.
    The homage to Tom and all the bald men. Loved it too.
    Now the Fan favorite is… Fabio. Ok I’m fine with it, I guess. If my Carla couldn’t win then I’m glad it’s Fabio. He was the funniest. Can’t wait for the Fabio show!

    I sure hope Carla gets a show sometime. I’m not ready to let her go yet. We can all practice a little of The Carla Way in our lives. That should be the name of her show. Are you listening Bravo producers?

    I’m going to miss Top Chef.

    Love this wild show.
    Scroll down for fun Jack pics in his cool new booties!