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    I’m a Vulcan!

    And My hair is fab! Though everything else is just strange and freaky.

    Create Your Own

    Oh Kristen and Mel you do find the best things. Thanks so much!

    Now go and make your own here and keep the joy going. Happy Friday.



    1. Book/Dinner/Wine/Mom’s night out was so much fun. We had an exciting discussion over The Ten Year Nap. We even got lively over the word ‘piquant’. All different views on the characters and the style of writing. We were the loudest in the restaurant. Thank goodness we were in the back and we were the last to leave the restaurant. Too funny.

    2.Did you watch the real Hot Messes of NYC part 2 reunion? So fun! The best. Le Countess giving Kelly the business. Who woulda thunk it? Then the Kelly Bethenny showdown. Whoa!