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Prime Time

What’s Jack up to? He’s currently driving me batty by relentlessly squeaking the squeaker on his new toy. I have a feeling said toy may get “lost” real soon.

Last week I received the most lovely gift from a blog friend of mine, Brown Girl Gumbo. Life:The America Journey of Barack Obama is a hardcover book filled with amazing photographs and wonderful words chronicling the Senator’s journey. I’m so proud to have it grace my coffee table.

Thanks so much Brown Girl! If you want to check out one of the coolest fashion, celeb and beauty blogs ev-ah pop on over there. I know you’ll be a hooked as I am.

Did any of you see the Barack-omercil last night? Bold move huh? Hey, it’s getting down to the wire. Time to pull out all the stops. Use what you got to get what you need. I love that saying.

Here’s a little funny (sort of serious) as we get closer to get you thinking as if you’re not already.


P.S. Did anybody see Top Design and Jeff Lewis from Flipping Out shoot the zingers? Ouch. I’d have loved to see Jonathan Adler belt him one. He is too much!


Shout Out to my friend author Marley Gibson. You all know Mar! From Her Sorority Series and her up coming Ghost Huntress book. Well tonight she and her hubby Mike will be on the premiere episode of MY GHOST STORY on the Biography Channel at 10pm. Check Marley and Mike out. How cool is that!