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    Game On

    So I hear there’s some big game happening this weekend. A Superbowl or something? Now I’ll admit, I have never been a football fan. I’m sorry, there I’ve said it. And since The J-E-T-S didn’t make it I really don’t have any stake in the game. Now the DH will surely be watching and cheering,loudly. And I think he’ll be going for The Saints. Who Dat!
    Should I have my fingers crossed for a win so Kim can get a ring? So sad. Give the girl a ring Reggie win or not!

    If anything I’ll only be watching for the commercials if at all. In a preview I came across this too funny one that finaled in a Doritos contest. Now I know it may promote bad behavior in kids but it cracked me up. You can vote on it here.

    Now as per the DH’s request I’ve got some Chili to make.


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    Check out my new super cute shoes that I got the other day. Yeah, I know cute is a stretch, but I really think they are.

    Because yes folks, I’m the DH’s proud new bowling partner. Eee everytime I say it I age about 10 years. But though I’m am awful bowler and he’s really good I wanted to do it to spend some quality time with the DH where we were not talking about kids, chores and other assorted life mess. Just having some fun together.
    So I got myself a pair of my very own shoes (can’t go wearing rentals week after week) and joined our church league.

    Check out this nifty shirt I spied hanging in the corner of the alley. They don’t make ‘em like that anymore.

    It was such a good time and with a 98 being my high score there is plenty of room for improvement. Plenty.

    Now I wonder what type of bowling couple we will be. So far no special shirts but you know I’m thinking about it. I hope this marriage can survive.

    So tell me: what fun thing do you do to keep the spark alive or just for you to take you out of the everyday rut?

    And of course knowing me like you do, did you think for a second that I would not put up this video?
    Yay, Grease 2! Such a fun hot mess.


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    In A Blink

    Thanks so much for all your well wishes yesterday on my anniversary. You all made the DH and I feel so good.

    I have to say it was a lot to live up to this 20th anniversary thing. The day before, heck, weeks before, I had so much anxiety and I think some was due to the upcoming anniversary. How could I be having such a big milestone in my relatively short life?

    I did just have my 40th birthday back in June that was enough thanks. I felt with this big milestone of the 20th anniversary and having a 40th birthday and having kids in high school shouldn’t I have all this grown up like crap together? Shouldn’t I be more together and know what I’m doing by now? Shouldn’t my career be in place? Shouldn’t I have this parent thing down? Shouldn’t I at least not have so many freaking bad hair days?!!!

    Well, I guess not. Because the milestone came anyway. I woke up next to the DH and said, “well, this is what 20 years looks like.” He smiled, laughed at me and said, “and you said we wouldn’t make it.” The day began.

    20 years is not perfect, but it’s not all drama or even a romantic comedy. Nothing is. It’s life full of moments that go by in the blink of an eye.


    photo thanks to flickr- Blink of an Eye
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    Happy 20th Anniversary today to my so dear DH.
    As I’m sitting here typing this my heart is beating extra fast and there’s that little flutter in my stomach and the words, well, at least not any witty or coherent words, they just won’t come easily, but the emotion is there so strong as the tears prick at my eyes. This is real life, real emotions, real love. Our love. No made up characters here.
    I’m grateful for good times and hard times, the laughter (so much of it) and even the pain. The 20 years of what ifs and most of all of the people we have grown into (parents of twins-yikes!) and are still growing into together.
    This is still a journey and I can’t believe it’s been 20 years so fast. You’ve been married to me for now half my life- a really good half let me tell you.
    Now let’s say we go for another 20 to see if we can finally get this thing right. The fun is just beginning!

    Kwana and DH in Mexico a very long time ago

    Love always and forever,

    P.S. To all my friends and visitors. Thanks for sharing the love with us today.

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    The Impossible Wife

    Yes I’m on break and yes, I’m here too. Told you I would be in and out and this bit I just had to put in though you might shrug your shoulders and think, eh. I still think it’s blog worthy.. ish.

    I just woke up from a dream and felt the need to share it here. Don’t think I’ve shared my odd dreams here before. Hmm..

    Well, there I was in small little crafty circle, but in said circle there was only 3 of us. Strange, a down number from my usual 6. One woman was a nubie to the group. A friend and blogger though not much of a commenter here and I don’t think a crafter so you won’t recognizer her and the other woman who was playing the part of my good friend, lots of you do know her, changed and was not herself but Gwyneth Paltrow. Yep, actress and I can cook chicken and potatoes, Gwyneth in a cool asymmetrical top and no apron and not spill on myself Gwyneth, from this post.

    Isn’t that strange?

    Well, it gets stranger. We were quite dressed up. In a very tiny kitchen. Well a tiny nook of a large kitchen were everything has its place. And everything is French and perfect.
    Could that be the influence of reading Julie and Julia? Or could it be my long obsession with getting a Le Creuset pot? Shrug.

    Here it gets weirder. We’re not even knitting in this odd tiny, organized, pretty, French nook but we’re sewing and by hand. Why? I don’t know. They are small white projects that fit neatly in our hands. I do know that.

    Then Gwyneth’s husband walks in and it’s not cutie Chris Martin. I know Weird again!

    But some out of the 1960’s lawyer looking dude. Here I blame the Mad Men influence.

    Did I tell you we are all dressed in early 60’s style but still could fit for now housewife comfort attire? I did, right.

    So… the not Chris Martin hubby ask Gwyneth what style of sewing machine she has because his business associate wants to buy one for his wife and Gwyneth knows all the best things to get as she is PERFECT. Gwyneth rattles off a French named machine that I’m not sure exists but in my dream is top line and very expensive.

    And as I’m sewing by hand I’m thinking 2 things.

    1. That machine is a boatload of money.
    2. It’s a piece of crap.
    3.Why the hell are we sewing by hand if she has it?
    4. My Kenmore machine is just as good!
    5. Why is Gwyneth supposedly so perfect?

    Ok so a lot more than 2 things. But I don’t say anything. I watch as not Chris Martin takes the info back to his associate after he kisses perfect Gwnyeth. Then I suddenly start to despise my Kenmore for not being French and sleek and perfect.

    After that it’s time for lunch and me and the other blogger/mom leave the tiny nook and follow Dream Gwyneth over to the hugest fridge ever (did I tell you it talks? dream weird). Well in the fridge everything has it’s place (I see a theme here). And then Dream Gwyneth teaches us to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwiches with some sort of hunky bread, leafy lettuce and hard, briny, smelly cheese that you had to whack off with a big knife.

    Blasphemy! Now you tell me how that is better than a diner grilled cheese with bacon which we all know is God’s perfect food?

    So themes? Thoughts? Care to analyze? Have at it.

    My thoughts. Poor Gwyneth is a just a place holder for what I’m being a bit resentful of at the moment also maybe aspiring to. Order, french cooking, cute rocker/business type hubbies that think I do just everything perfectly and also the ability to fit in tiny little nooks. Yeah, that space was pretty small. Or maybe it was all just a dream and full of crap.


    P.S. In defence of Gwyneth. I was hanging out on Goop.com her space on the web after writing this and we really do think alike in some things. She just finished the CLEAN which I’m reading and she have the cutest picture of Prince up there. Swoony. Besides that she likes Jay Z. So there.

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    Crying in Argentina

    I would have probably written about something else today, but this story stopped me in and tracks and saved me from thinking of a topic so, um, thanks? Not.

    It’s just too much. And he’s running an entire State while just running off without a word and on Father’s Day weekend no less. And we wonder why we’re all in a hot mess. Cut to me shaking my head.

    One of the most interesting things I found about this video of South Carolina Gov. Republican Mark Sanford confessing to his affair and subsequent strange disappearing act was the Dow index in the corner. Just watch the DOW. Very telling.


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    A Cheap Date

    What’s Jack Up to? Jack is getting his Monday chill on after dealing with the wild family all weekend. A cloudy day means a Jack will be perched on the couch dozing for a good part of the day.
    The DH and I had a party to go to on Saturday night that we thought we were showing up for fashionably late. Turns out that 11:00 was not late enough. Seriously, nobody was there yet. I was like, “what, is this party being hosted by Kelly from the Not So Real Housewives of the NYC?”
    But no, it was the DH’s bud’s party and he wanted to make an appearance. So we drove around in the city looking for a bite to eat. He wanted to treat me to something a bit fancy. I said no way.
    This is there we ended up for some pre-party fare.

    There’s a good reason he married me. I’m so easy to please.

    I hope you had a satisfying weekend.

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    Seriously, Friday?

    Oh no, it can’t be. This week has gone by in a blur of concrete, pavement and vague glimpses of people I know as I passed them running from one task to another. Last night I did get to have some enjoyment with some friends from around the way to celebrate the DH’s birthday. That was nice. And gave me and excuse to get out of the jeans that I think I have been wearing since Monday when I was surprised by the contractors a the crack of dawn ready to work on the stairs. It was that type of week.

    Today my DH and I are a bit haggard a lot like this Picasso couple from 1904. Together, but holding each other up. Still in love, but just hanging on to life, so tired.

    Whew, barley made it through the week. So much to do and still another busy day to go. I’m hoping we can steal a few relaxing moments in between the chaos of the weekend just to smile and enjoy each other.

    Thanks so much for all his birthday wishes he was so touched and had a great birthday. You all helped make it even more special.

    What are your plans? I hope it includes some relaxing.

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    Happy Birthday Love

    Happy Birthday to my Dear DH!

    I can’t believe how time has flown. It’s quickly turning into more years with you than without you. Not many can say that and I’m so proud.
    In honor of your 50th (can you believe that baby face folks?) here are 50 things I love about you:

    1.Your smile
    2. Your laugh
    3. Your eyes
    4. The ways you get me.
    5. The ways you don’t
    6. The fact that you are such a southern man.
    7. You can cook.
    8. You make a perfect cup of tea.
    9. Low country boil.
    10. I’m a cheap date and you love me for it.
    11. You’re a cheap date and I love you for it.
    12. The fact that you start arguments just to hear my lovely voice.
    13. You are such a hard worker.
    14. You’re sometimes so lazy.
    15. I’m sometimes so lazy and you don’t mind.
    16. You make me laugh.
    17. You indulge me.
    18. You are a great father.
    19. You’re a good friend.
    20. You were my friend first.
    21. You get my odd dry humor.
    22. Johnny’s on City Island
    23. You can be so Alpha sometimes. Sometimes not so much.
    24. You understand how hard a mother’s work is.
    25. You do your best.
    26. You brood.
    27. You’re a secret dreamer.
    28. You believe in me.
    29. You care.
    30. You do.
    31. You like 24.
    32. You are crazy for Jack. A bit nutty really.
    33. You have great taste in music.
    34. You don’t mind being foolish.
    35. You’ll do anything for your children.
    36. You know when to push and when to pull away.
    37. Shrimp and Gravy! (been way too long since you’ve made that)
    38. You like my friends.
    39. You can bowl a mean game.
    40. Your cute nose.

    41-45. Have been omitted due to blogs PG rating! Smooches!

    46. The way your Georgia accent sometimes sneaks out. (Say orange for me!)
    47. You make the world’s best Cosmos
    48. The way you look at me in the morning when I’m not cute.
    49. The way you hold me at night.
    50. The way you have been and are always there for me.

    Love you always Lovie,