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Check out my new super cute shoes that I got the other day. Yeah, I know cute is a stretch, but I really think they are.

Because yes folks, I’m the DH’s proud new bowling partner. Eee everytime I say it I age about 10 years. But though I’m am awful bowler and he’s really good I wanted to do it to spend some quality time with the DH where we were not talking about kids, chores and other assorted life mess. Just having some fun together.
So I got myself a pair of my very own shoes (can’t go wearing rentals week after week) and joined our church league.

Check out this nifty shirt I spied hanging in the corner of the alley. They don’t make ‘em like that anymore.

It was such a good time and with a 98 being my high score there is plenty of room for improvement. Plenty.

Now I wonder what type of bowling couple we will be. So far no special shirts but you know I’m thinking about it. I hope this marriage can survive.

So tell me: what fun thing do you do to keep the spark alive or just for you to take you out of the everyday rut?

And of course knowing me like you do, did you think for a second that I would not put up this video?
Yay, Grease 2! Such a fun hot mess.