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    It’s a Festivus for The Rest of Us!

    I had the best time hanging out in Brooklyn yesterday at the annual Brooklyn Book Festival with some of my RWA/NYC chapter mates. I was honored that during my time slot I got to sign with the super talented Kate McMurray. We had so much fun greeting folks and talking about romance and the romance industry. Honestly, the introvert in me didn’t think I’d enjoy it, but I can now admit with such a lovely day, wonderful friends and company and all the happy smiling faces of the New Yorkers loving reading, I think I may be hooked and can’t wait to go back next year. Thanks so much to RWA/NYC and the fantastic team lead by Jeanine Mc Adam. What a time!

    Oh and my fave moment of the day is the little pic of the woman tapping her phone in the bottom right corner. She read my card and decided to buy THROUGH THE LENS right then and there for her subway ride home. What I fun moment and I love my bookish New Yorkers so very much!


    BBF collage 1


    All the best,


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    Summer Breeze

    What’s a better excuse to leave the cooking up to someone else than a cool summer evening and a perfect sunset. Last night the family and I headed out to one of our favorite spots on City Island for a quick and casual dinner of fried seafood out by the water. It was a perfect night of low humidity and lovely breezes. The dinner was hot and tasty and the dessert was sweet and cool.

    City island c

    As the DH drove home with the baseball game playing low on the radio, I was practically asleep by the time we pulled into our driveway, lulled and contentment as I was by a full belly and a stress free evening. This is what summer is made for. What are some of your favorite casual summer traditions?


    All the best,


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    The One

    Happy Hump Day! Here is a picture of One World Trade Center that I took on Monday. Doesn’t it look fantastic? Not yet complete but almost there with its spire now hoisted up, bringing it to 1,776 feet and making it the tallest building in the Western hemisphere (sidebar: isn’t perspective a funny thing? It sure doesn’t look all that tall here does it? or I could just be thinking like a New Yorker).

    This part of Manhattan is very much another character in my 2nd book; Seduction’s Canvas as it’s my hero and heroine, Mark and Samara’s neighborhood.  I can’t wait to share their world and their love story with you in just a few weeks. You can pre-order your copy here now.

    world trade 1

    Gosh, I love New York!


    All the best,


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    Looking Good For Her Age

    This weekend I got shoved out of left my writing cave to head downtown and attend my monthly romance writer’s meeting. Besides being a wonderful and inspirational meeting, I will thrilled to find I was down in Grand Central Station just in time for the 100th anniversary! The old girl sure looks good for her age. Here are a few pics that I snapped while bustling through to get to my train. Enjoy! Now back to the Bat Cave for me! Have a great one.




    All the best,


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    On Park

    Glorious day in this city this weekend so I took some quick pics to take the place of my words. I just love this view of Park Avenue always a favorite of mine, no matter how many times I see it it still always makes me smile. I do miss when this was the Pan Am building though.





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    A Cheap Date

    What’s Jack Up to? Jack is getting his Monday chill on after dealing with the wild family all weekend. A cloudy day means a Jack will be perched on the couch dozing for a good part of the day.
    The DH and I had a party to go to on Saturday night that we thought we were showing up for fashionably late. Turns out that 11:00 was not late enough. Seriously, nobody was there yet. I was like, “what, is this party being hosted by Kelly from the Not So Real Housewives of the NYC?”
    But no, it was the DH’s bud’s party and he wanted to make an appearance. So we drove around in the city looking for a bite to eat. He wanted to treat me to something a bit fancy. I said no way.
    This is there we ended up for some pre-party fare.

    There’s a good reason he married me. I’m so easy to please.

    I hope you had a satisfying weekend.