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Game On

So I hear there’s some big game happening this weekend. A Superbowl or something? Now I’ll admit, I have never been a football fan. I’m sorry, there I’ve said it. And since The J-E-T-S didn’t make it I really don’t have any stake in the game. Now the DH will surely be watching and cheering,loudly. And I think he’ll be going for The Saints. Who Dat!
Should I have my fingers crossed for a win so Kim can get a ring? So sad. Give the girl a ring Reggie win or not!

If anything I’ll only be watching for the commercials if at all. In a preview I came across this too funny one that finaled in a Doritos contest. Now I know it may promote bad behavior in kids but it cracked me up. You can vote on it here.

Now as per the DH’s request I’ve got some Chili to make.