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Everything’s Better With Bacon

What’s Jack up to? Jack’s doing good, hanging, doing his usual Jack thing full of vim and vigor that is until about 9:00 when his sleepy kicks in. Then all bets are off and nobody better mess with him when he’s trying to get his sleep on. Zzzzzzzz…..

So, I’m sure many of you have heard the saying, “everything taste better with bacon.” Well, one of my knitting buddies, T went and proved it yesterday when she brought this for the group to sample. that’s right bacon flavored chocolate. To it’s credit she didn’t tell us the secret ingredient and the bacon wasn’t overpowering so we were all guessing for quite a while. I got very close when I said something smoked. It combined sweet and salty perfectly. Have you ever?

Sadly, I have. You should have seen the faces when I fessed up to having potato chips with my chocolate ice cream. Yum.

Tell me what odd treats do you like to have on the sly?

If you’d like to try the bacon flavored chocolate you can get it from Vosges here.