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    My Man- My Hero

    Well, the back is still giving me trouble so in kind I’ve been giving the DH extra trouble. Bad wife I know.
    I have to say he’s been stepping up admirably. Cooking meals, laundry, driving like a madman with the Dear Twins. Even taking the DD to the mall and the hairdresser. What a Man!
    In all my whining and, “come sit with me,” “can you move my heating pad?” and “you still love me even though I’m hopeless right?” I had him do a Super Hero at The Hero Factory to go with the one I did last week. No one deserves one more. I think we make a Kick Butt duo. Don’t you?



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    Stealing Magnolias

    What’s Jack up to? Oh you know Jack he’s into a bit of everything, but yesterday he really came in handy when this soliciting dude, looking quite chatty came to my door ringing my bell. Don’t ask me how he had the nerve to get up the steps because as soon as he hit the driveway Jack was already losing his mind. Barking, snarling, jumping, Jack was having none of this guy. He gave me the perfect out to say, through the door, “sorry, wild dog here. Can you just leave your literature on the porch and go? ” What a good dog I have!

    Thanks so much for all your comments to my marriage vs. motherhood post yesterday. I loved reading them. It really can be a sticky subject and I agree with the very honest point made that motherhood can make a marriage harder. So true. Also Children’s ages can make motherhood harder. I am a different thinking woman than the one I was when my children were 4 or 5 as opposed to now 15. Just like I’m a different woman than the one I was when my husband first married me. Hmm… now I wonder how much the men actually change. I have to think on that a while. A post for another day perhaps?

    It seems that Steel Magnolias was a real favorite with this group. So I went on youtube to look for a little clip to post here today and found this funny winner. Enjoy.


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    What’s Jack up to? I’ve realized Jack’s doing a really good job at training me. Something is so wrong with this picture, eh? But it’s so cute the way he pushes his water bowl at me to let me know to get off my butt and get to serving him. Boy, he’s learned a lot from the folks in my house. Yeesh!

    Today is me and The DH’s 19th wedding anniversary. Yep, it’s a mind blower for me too.

    I don’t really remember exactly what we’re thinking or saying when this picture was taken in Central Park, but I’m pretty sure the conversation went something like this:

    DH: “Can you believe this?”

    Me, laughing: “Nope.”

    DH: “You are always getting me into something.”

    Me: “Yep, I am.”

    DH: “So, what are we supposed to do now?”

    Me: “I don’t know but let’s hurry up and get these pictures done. I don’t wanna miss the cocktail hour. That’s the best part.”

    DH: “You know you’re crazy, right.”

    Me: “Yeah, I know, but you love me and I love you.”

    DH: “Ok let’s go, Lovie. It’s your party.”

    Happy anniversary DH! 19 years is many a lifetime. It’s fun growing up with you.


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    What is LOVE?

    What’s Jack up to? Ugh! The wild dog tried to give the DH a heart attack this morning on his walk by dashing out into the street towards a car. Thankfully he’s fine. Not so sure about the DH.
    Thanks to all of you who submitted questions on Ask The Agent yesterday. There’s still time to chime in. If you want to ask submit here. I’ll be writing up the interview soon and submitting it to Elaine. I’ll give a shout out as to when it will be posted. Great Fun! Thanks again.

    Speaking of fun…
    Happy Birthday to my dear DH! My own sweet knight in not so shining armor (not his fault. I’m just a poor armor shiner). No this is not my DH in this photo, but this is me at about the time I met my DH about 20 years ago with my big time forever crush, Prince.
    Then my DH came along. He was my total opposite with his southern charm and cool demeanor, but he and give me the same type of chills as the very best Prince song. I was a lost from the start.

    He really is my true BFF, my toughest critic and greatest supporter. Sticking by me at my best and worst and understanding me when no one else does.

    Happy Birthday DH!
    I Love you. But you already know that.