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In A Blink

Thanks so much for all your well wishes yesterday on my anniversary. You all made the DH and I feel so good.

I have to say it was a lot to live up to this 20th anniversary thing. The day before, heck, weeks before, I had so much anxiety and I think some was due to the upcoming anniversary. How could I be having such a big milestone in my relatively short life?

I did just have my 40th birthday back in June that was enough thanks. I felt with this big milestone of the 20th anniversary and having a 40th birthday and having kids in high school shouldn’t I have all this grown up like crap together? Shouldn’t I be more together and know what I’m doing by now? Shouldn’t my career be in place? Shouldn’t I have this parent thing down? Shouldn’t I at least not have so many freaking bad hair days?!!!

Well, I guess not. Because the milestone came anyway. I woke up next to the DH and said, “well, this is what 20 years looks like.” He smiled, laughed at me and said, “and you said we wouldn’t make it.” The day began.

20 years is not perfect, but it’s not all drama or even a romantic comedy. Nothing is. It’s life full of moments that go by in the blink of an eye.


photo thanks to flickr- Blink of an Eye