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    Bite Me

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is Mr. Chill today, happy sitting on his cozy spot high on the top of the couch. Don’t mess with him and you won’t get hurt. He’s so scary.

    I normally don’t talk much about my kids here on the blog and just keep it to Jack because like I said in my first post, Jack can’t sue me, but this is just too good to pass up.
    So I’m in my DD’s dance class last night because it was the parents sit in day and the instructor asks the girls to do a turning combo across the floor. She tells them to be graceful and to make their necks long and vulnerable, exposing them. Without missing a beat my dear daughter (yeah the one without a filter) pipes up with, “So Edward Cullen can bite me.”

    Oh my! Was that my kid that said that? Teens today. Sigh.

    Giggles and twitters flutter through the room. Let me tell you everyone knew who Edward Cullen was including the instructor who was on book three of the TWILIGHT series.

    If only all us writers out there could be so lucky as to write an Edward.

    Hey, it’s a snow day today in Westchester for the dear twins in anticipation of a supposedly big storm to come. So far, nothing. So the kids are home and very happy to have dodged Friday tests.

    Have a great weekend!
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    Knitting order

    What’s Jack up to? Jack busy being my live vacuum cleaner. Going around nibbling and licking things up off the floor. A sign of my poor housekeeping I’m sure. Thanks for the not so subtle hint, Jack.

    Life is starting to feel terribly disordered. The bloom is off the rose of school already and the fangs are coming out on one of the dear teens. I tell ya, I’d love to always be one of those pretty young blogs, all sweet and pastel that talk about the bliss of domestic life and motherhood, but there are days when I just can’t. I’ve got teens. Young teens. A boy and and girl and that means stress. So there.

    I was doing some mommy blog hopping and honestly from what I can see from most of these pretty young blogs the moms have pretty young children so they are not living my life. This blog might be a lot prettier and a lot less driven toward my escape to non-reality tv if I my kids were 4 and not 14.

    That said I’m feeling the need for some sort of order and control so I’m picking up another WIP for a few moments to soothe my mind and make me smile. Knitting anyone? I should at least be able to get these stitches in line if I can’t my kids. At least this sock will be done.

    What are some of your ways to de-stress?



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    What’s All The Fuss About?

    What’s Jack up to? It’s getting a bit late, but he’s feeling happy and frisky and wanting to play right now, so he’s bouncing from person to person in the house to try to get someone to play with him and his darn toy. Joy. Fun.

    First off I want to say that fab Agent, Elaine answered some questions posted in the comments of this week’s Ask The Agent. So please check here and go to the comments section to see if your question was answered. Thanks Elaine!

    I was checking out Marianne Mancusi’s blog and she had an interesting topic about these Gossip Girl ads.

    First let me say I watch and like Gossip Girl and I’ve let my own DD read the books. Now to the ads… as a mother and as a writer I’m torn over them. Sure they’re provocative and will do the trick to get viewers to tune in to watch what I think is one hot show. But do the ads go to far? In my opinion they do. Ugh! I just gagged a bit over how old I sound.

    I’d really be fine with them if they were portraying characters that were over eighteen, but the fact that they are portraying characters that are still in high school doesn’t sit right with me. Today sex is more casual then ever which just makes me sad. When I hear about freshmen girls having sex with their senior “boyfriends” of course I know what the senior boys are using the poor girls for and what the next year’s round of boys will use the same girls for and so on and so on and so on…

    I know that sex always has and always will go on in high school but does it need to be even more highly promoted?

    I’ll admit when writing my YA’s to having some trouble with putting the mom aside. I was writing from the sixteen year old perspective, but I have to admit, although it pains me to do, I’m not sixteen anymore. Thank God.

    ads courtesy of Gawker

    Oh and did you hear that 90210 is coming back. I wonder how they will up the ante to compete with GG?

    I could go on and on with this, but I won’t. I’d rather hear what you think of the ads.


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    Hell Week Part Deux is ov-ah!

    What’s Jack up to? He’s happy it’s Saturday and officially Summer! Hooray. Not that that makes any difference for Jack. Everyday is Summer for him.

    Well, I can hardly believe it, but Hell Week Part Deux is over. Heck, hell School year is over. My Dear Twins, better yet the DH and I survived the first year of High School. It was not easy. There were some VERY tense moments there. More than I care to recall. But it’s done. Summer is here and the DD and I celebrated by getting our nails done. French tips with a sparkle silver accent for her. Yep, I caved.
    And for me? I got a pedi for myself and a pomegranate martini.




    P.S. Scroll down for Ask the Agent

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    Hell Week

    What’s Jack up to? He’s being a Jackster. Barking like crazy whenever another dog prances by. No matter how sweet or silent that other dog is or how friendly the other dog’s owner is by smiling and waving kindly at us. So embarrassing, Jack.

    So, I’m in the midst of hell week with the Dear Twins. It’s finals week at the high school with tests scheduled all different hours. Some in the morning and some in the afternoon and the kids only have to come in for their tests or for different study sessions if they want so it’s mom On Call all the time.

    Besides that I’m in the middle of pure adolescent hell and my motto of “I’m not mature enough for this job” is really being proven. Every day new situations arise that just baffle my mind. I’m exhausted.

    Note to self: must talk with hairdresser about these pesky grey hairs that have popped out this week. Ugh!


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    Weekend Wonderer

    What’s Jack up to? Chilling out after a long and really hot weekend. Not too much jumping around today eh, Jack?

    This Really has been a particularly hot weekend in New York. Especially for June and especially in my house and I don’t see any relief any time soon. I’m really busy with writing work and end of the school year things for the Dear Teens. Mom stress is at the same high level as the outside thermometer. These are the times that no one warned you about when it was all smiles and congratulations over you having babies. Teens are not babies.
    So of course as a writer, when I get stressed I turn to books. Romance, Self-help, The bible. etc.

    I picked up this one book in B&N because the title was just was calling my name THE WORN OUT WOMAN. Check out this anonymous quote at the beginning of the first chapter:

    “Don’t ask me to relax; it’s my tension that’s holding me together.”

    It just made me smile in it’s perfection.

    In between working on my new proposal I did a little work in the garden to give my eyes a break. I thought I share some pics here of the Collards I planted. Thanks to PVE for coming through and finding these at Carlson’s.

    I’m a girl that likes to feel the dirt in her hands when planting. Guess it’s time for a new mani huh? Boy do my hands look old! UGH.
    Here is a freshly cut bouquet of roses that the DH cut for me right before a flash thunderstorm on Saturday. It’s so nice to have flowers from your own garden on your table.
    Now to get a little peace of mind at said table…
    So how was your weekned?
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    To love a Cougar or not? It’s a jungle out there

    What’s Jack up to? He’s stealing socks today and hiding in the closet. Ugh. It’s toddler time all over again.

    What’s with the cougar in my blog title. Well, I was watching American Idol which I really haven’t followed this season, but it was on while I was scurrying back and forth with dinner so I got into it. While it was on I saw a sign flash that said “Cougars 4 Cook” and I was like, Eww! Now the whole Cougar thing never really crossed my mind before and it’s been out so long that it’s kind of over I think, but in the context of ultra pure American Idol it just seemed wrong and, well, Eww, to me.

    Now most us are women of a certain age here. Chime in and tell me what do you all think of the term Cougar?

    While I’m at it what do you think of The AI final 3? I like Syesha and think she should win. David A. is too sweet, besides his Dad is already banned and David C. will be just fine no matter if he wins or not, but the judges clearly don’t like Syesha. I don’t get it.

    Now sort of still on the “cougar” topic lets talk the Sex and the City premiere and the fashions! Specifically, Sara Jessica Parker’s dress and hat. It’s all the talk with the New York papers. I have to say, I’m not a fan. I feel that she was trying too hard with this one and the color was not for her. Does anyone else remember the episode with Burger and the cooky hat where he made fun of her? This was the same thing! Say it ain’t so, Carrie. Big sigh. I do like Kim Cattrall’s look though.

    And, we won’t even talk about the decision of having the premier in London over New York when New York was the 5th star of the show. Whatever. I’ll still be buying my ticket.

    So it was goodbye to my spunky little Marissa on Dancing with the Stars. I know she annoyed quite a few this season with all that darn exuberance, but she always made me smile. Buh-Bye Marissa! Good luck with the baby!

    Update:I just found out on GMA that her dance partner, Tony and his wife are expecting boy/girl twins (like me!) so good luck to him too!


    Sidebar: ‘Thee that shall not be named teen’ came home yesterday hungry and mad that I did not answer thee’s lunchtime call to run the forgotten lunch over to school. Pla-ease! As if.

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    Crazy in Love

    What’s Jack up to? He’s sending the DH on long walks for nothing then doing his business where he’s not supposed to. Oh Jack. When will you ever learn? Do I need this crap? Really. You’re lucky you’re so cute.

    Teens Ugh!!
    I know I’m not supposed to talk about ‘those who shall not be named’ on this blog, but some times a girl’s gotta vent. How can a woman feel like she’s already had a draining day at only 8:30 in the morning? Man. Then you look and a lunch is left on the table. And you’re not helping out. No way. The kid that left it stormed out after giving you a bunch of unnecessary attitude. Let said kid starve, you think. It will serve said kid right. But of course that doesn’t stop you from feeling guilty thinking your kid is starving out there which you know is not true. Ugh. Get over it! You’ve got a life and work of your own to do. Enjoy the few hours you have to do it because come 4:00 the fun will start again. Women gird your loins!

    True Love?
    So on to better things. It’s true love! Really it is. Stop laughing. I’m serious. Matt made his decision and after, what? 8 grueling weeks and 25 women he has found his true love and it was not Chelsea, but crazy Shayne! Why does that make me so happy. Those cagey Bachelor editors had me going and by the end of last night episode I was rooting for Shayne with her bleach blond hair and her big brown doe eyes all the way. I’m even hoping those two zany kids make it.
    I’d be tuning in to watch Shayne take on London. All her wild mad antics around Buckingham Palace. What fun.

    And they have quite a fan club over on Youtube there are even fan videos. Check out this one that will make you believe in this love story:

    It was a sweet silly ending to a pretty boring season and now I’m ready for next week and DeAnna- The Bachelorette. Let’s watch 25 men make fools of themselves whining in limos talking about how they felt an “amazing connection.” Right. At least Nana will be watching with me.


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    Dancing With Myself

    What’s Jack up to? The happy dog is jumping and bouncing way to much for me on this Saturday morning. Give me a little time to sleep in please, Jack.

    Tonight’s my family and I will be attending my DD’s annual modern dance recital. This will be the the 10th year that we have come to some such sort if thing.

    And I’m sure that even though she’s much taller, way shapelier and a bonafide dagger shooting teen, I’ll look on that stage tonight and for a moment I’ll see glimpses of that four year old that used to look for only me in the audience and flash me a mega-watt smile. What mother can help it?
    Yep, that’s her on pointe and she’s amazing at modern (tonight’s concert and her speciality) and hip hop too. The girl’s got talent! So join me in a Bravo for the DD in honor of her show tonight. Happy weekend!



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    You wanna have a what?

    What’s Jack up to? He’s chilling right now and no doubt plotting on how to get into some good old mischief. I’ll be on my toes, Jack.

    Tick tock.
    That’s usually the start of it. Tick tock, tick tock. Damn biological clock. Why is it so loud? So you check him out again, but differently this time. Now you’re appraising the gene pool, not just his behind. He looks pretty good, you think before you wonder about past mental illness in his family. Lord, knows with your family’s background you don’t need to stack the deck further against you. Remember, Uncle Lou? You shake your head to loosen the thought. What are you crazy? You laugh and go on with your fabulous life as usual.
    Then some twenty something size 4 mom-nista prances, by looking happy as a clam, pushing her Cadillac pram in her Jimmy Choos and it gets you thinking, louder this time, “I wanna baby.” It’s all so damn cute. Look at that smile, those eyes and see she got her figure back. You can do it too.
    Cut to you fourteen years later. Now, look what you got. Thirty pounds, a pounding headache and that cute baby is now screaming in your ear about how you don’t “know” anything. What!?
    There’s a reason nobody ever says, “I wanna have a teen.”

    Check out this video (thanks Wendy) that shows just how much fun motherhood is. Ugh.


    photos thanks to instyle.com and flickr