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You wanna have a what?

What’s Jack up to? He’s chilling right now and no doubt plotting on how to get into some good old mischief. I’ll be on my toes, Jack.

Tick tock.
That’s usually the start of it. Tick tock, tick tock. Damn biological clock. Why is it so loud? So you check him out again, but differently this time. Now you’re appraising the gene pool, not just his behind. He looks pretty good, you think before you wonder about past mental illness in his family. Lord, knows with your family’s background you don’t need to stack the deck further against you. Remember, Uncle Lou? You shake your head to loosen the thought. What are you crazy? You laugh and go on with your fabulous life as usual.
Then some twenty something size 4 mom-nista prances, by looking happy as a clam, pushing her Cadillac pram in her Jimmy Choos and it gets you thinking, louder this time, “I wanna baby.” It’s all so damn cute. Look at that smile, those eyes and see she got her figure back. You can do it too.
Cut to you fourteen years later. Now, look what you got. Thirty pounds, a pounding headache and that cute baby is now screaming in your ear about how you don’t “know” anything. What!?
There’s a reason nobody ever says, “I wanna have a teen.”

Check out this video (thanks Wendy) that shows just how much fun motherhood is. Ugh.


photos thanks to instyle.com and flickr