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    You betcha! (wink-wink)

    What’s Jack up to? As I type this late at night he’s sleeping like a baby. One would never know all the mischief he gets into in a day.
    So did you watch? Of course you did. You had too. What else was on, Law and Order?
    I tell ya, one more wink and I was ready to jump through my TV and give her a shake. And all that fake folksiness was making my teeth hurt. It was a night of winks, silly quips and question avoidance. But a shameless plug for imaginary future power had to get thrown in. Scary.

    Danger Will Robinson.

    The woman wants power with a capital P. That is clear.

    Just check out her shoes. 3 clicks of the heels? But, props to her for standing in them for an hour and a half.

    Oh, and not for nothin’, but that sweet baby sure keeps late hours. I’m just sayin’.

    pics thanks to AP

    On the up side, look what I got. My Obama lawn sign finally came in. It was on backorder. Yay! This is the first time I’ve ever made such a bold political statement and I’m proud to do it.

    Now the whole neighborhood knows who I’m going for. Humph. As if they didn’t know before.


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    Yep, She did it again

    What’s Jack up to? That Jack has kept us on our toes this weekend. Why he still insists on running around the block like a nut when he sees fit is beyond me. I swear that dog has no home training. Whose dog is that?

    Happy Monday!

    So we finally had our first presidential debate. Too bad after all the build up and hype I was exhausted and ready to fall asleep by the time the thing finally started. (I blame the Prosecco and Megan’s post for that:) I will say was glad McCain showed up. Seems like all his practicing paid off. Guess all that talk about suspending his campaigning was just talk. But too me and most of the polls out there Barack did what he had to do by stopping him is his tracks when he was spouting his agenda instead of actually answering the questions at hand. And parties aside, let’s admit, Barack just seemed more presidential.

    But, I’d have like them both to have stayed little more on point. Too bad I couldn’t have been in charge. I’d have been all, “hey you didn’t specifically answer my question!” There would have been none of that, “speak to him stuff.”

    But I’m sure Thursday will be a whole different ball of wax. Bring on Thursday. Biden/Palin all the way. I can’t wait to see SNL reacreate that thing.

    To that… Oops she did it again. That Tina Fey is so it.

    Reality Sidebar: The coolest reality gameshow ev-ah started again last night. The Amazing Race is back. Yay!! Anybody else watching?


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    What? What?

    I must add on to the post below. Look down. No lower.

    Did anyone else hear Matt throw this tidbit out on The Today Show this morning? The McCain camp would like to reschedule the debates with Barack Obama for October 2nd which just happens to be the date of the Vice Presidential debates. Am I stretching too far to think this could all be a way to keep Sarah out of debating? I’ve done lots to get out of taking a tough test in my day, but please.

    Reality update coming soon.


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    He wants to do what?

    Bonus post. Sorry, I just couldn’t hold my water. Smooches…

    What are your feelings on the news that John McCain wants or wanted to suspend this Friday’s planned debate with Barack Obama. Is it a maverick move or is he trying to pull the wool over America’s eyes? I suspect some ‘Blinking’ is going on.

    I mean shouldn’t the future president be able to walk and chew gum? The debate is an hour and a half. He can do that and go to Washington if he really has to. The debate will be a chance for the American people to actually hear his real feelings and possible solutions if he has any for this crisis. Oh and if he’s suspending his campaign is he suspending his ads? Enquiring minds want to know.

    My feelings can best be summed up my this comment taken from Politico.com and Mickey Edwards, Princeton lecturer and former Republican congressman:

    “Oh, brother. What idiot came up with this stunt? It ranks somewhere on the stupidity scale between plain silly and numbingly desperate. McCain and Obama are both members of the senate and they’re both able to help craft a solution if they wish to do so without putting the presidential campaign on hold; after all, I’m sure congressional leaders would be willing to accept their calls if they have some important insights to impart. And while one of them will eventually become president, neither one is president yet, nor is either one a member of the congressional leadership; I’m confident that somehow the administration and the other 533 members of congress will be able to muddle through without tapping into the superior wisdom and intellect of their nominees. Sorry, john; it really sounds like you’re afraid to debate. This sounds like the sort of ploy we used to use in junior high school elections.”

    Thanks Micky.

    Oh and when is Sarah Palin going have some real interviews with the press? That woman can get in and out of a car super fast. What, no stops at The Today Show while you’re all over New York this week. What up with that? My bad, she just dd and interview with Katie Couric. Way to go. 5 whole minutes.


    Rant over. Scroll down for something more pleasant

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    Bad Dog!

    What’s Jack up to? That Jack, well he’s all clean, but he’s his usual devilish self. I’m calling him and he’s ignoring me so I go to investigate why and I see he’s under my bed busy munching on my freebie Weight Watcher fruit and nut bar that I got at my last meeting. Bummer, I was so looking forward to trying that too. I could have sworn I had it put up. Who knows how Jack got too it. Darn Jack!

    Off to write. Novel idea eh? Sorry.
    Not much to talk about today. Oh, I know, anyone have thoughts on a Governor having a tanning bed in the mansion? Any real reason to need it besides that healthy orange glow? Lack of sunlight perhaps? Depression? Come on people help me out here. I’m trying to make this alright and not always be so cynical, but she’s the gift that just keeps on giving. And we (ok, me) were laughing at Shayne Lamas for tanning on The Bachelor. Who knew she was just building up her resume. Probably getting ready for her up coming cabinet position. Hush up, Kwana! Ok.

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    Blink Already!

    What’s Jack up to? Shhh. Stinky Jack is getting a B-A-T-H. T-O-D-A-Y. Let’s keep it quiet while I lure him to the tub.

    I have to say I had a huge problem with so many parts of the Sarah Palin/ Charles (Charrr-lee) Gibson interview, but what got me the most was the not blinking thing. The fact that she didn’t blink in her decision to take the VP job irked me. Shoot, I take a half an hour deciding to buy boots on sale at the outlets and she didn’t pause to think about this job? Did this cause anyone else to pause?

    Well, leave it to The Daily Show to make me smile about it. Here we go…

    Please everyone, blink a bit and VOTE wisely in November. You know which way I’m going. Obama baby!


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    Why I heart The Daily Show

    What’s Jack up to? Right now he’s deep under my bed fast asleep and snoring as if he’s going to spend the night there. Sorry, Jack it’s off to your own bed. I can’t sleep with you tossing and turning under me.

    Not much to rant about today, well tons really, but why? So I’ll just post this instead.
    Why I heart The Daily Show…


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    I’m In!

    What’s Jack up to? Here is Jack’s spot de jour now that school is back in session. He just goes right to his spot on the couch and can’t be moved until he wants to move. So what’s Jack up to? Just chillin.

    Well now that the RNC Convention/Introducing Sara Palin Show is over maybe we can finally get real and I can get some rest. Did anyone watch and see some of the wild protesters that made it onto the floor? Eek. Now let’s actually get down to what’s really important and past the silly sound bytes and onto some real questions and issues. That is if some don’t run scared and will actually sit and get interviewed by the press.

    But no fear thanks to Mel-O-Drama and the fact that she’s more of a Maverick than anyone I know my hat has been officially throw into the ring for President. Sorry I had to go there. Click here to check it out. Have fun!

    And thanks to Decorno for this link to an article by Gloria Steinem from the Los Angeles Times on Vice Presidential pick Palin. It’s an amazing article.

    Here’s a quote: “Here’s the good news: Women have become so politically powerful that even the anti-feminist right wing — the folks with a headlock on the Republican Party — are trying to appease the gender gap with a first-ever female vice president. We owe this to women — and to many men too — who have picketed, gone on hunger strikes or confronted violence at the polls so women can vote. We owe it to Shirley Chisholm, who first took the “white-male-only” sign off the White House, and to Hillary Rodham Clinton, who hung in there through ridicule and misogyny to win 18 million votes.

    But here is even better news: It won’t work. This isn’t the first time a boss has picked an unqualified woman just because she agrees with him and opposes everything most other women want and need. Feminism has never been about getting a job for one woman. It’s about making life more fair for women everywhere. It’s not about a piece of the existing pie; there are too many of us for that. It’s about baking a new pie.”

    Read the full article here.


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    Project Glamor Girl

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is trying hard to get into the back to school swing. Just when he got used to the nuttiness of summer, poof, everyone was gone. I’ll try and rouse him a bit today. The poor thing spent all day on the couch yesterday just waiting for the Dear Twins to come home.

    Man, was my house wild last night. In the early evening I had the pleasure of visiting with my dear buddy PVE. Shout out to JJ who is looking mighty fine! I got to finally meet her lovely and talented sister Liz. If she lived in NY I’d enjoy talking her ears off just like I do Patricia’s. Then it was back home for taco night to celebrate the first day for school and hear all the back to school drama. Fun.
    Then it was school supply mania as the twins worked on getting their many binders organized. Why is it that now every teacher wants their own notebook. What’s up with that? Remember back in the day when you were fine with one notebook and if you were really lucky or “rich” you had a Trapper Keeper? Those twins needed 5 binders each. That’s a bit much I think. What about the families with 3, 4 or dare I say 5 kids? I think you know who I’m talking about. It’s expensive and a back breaker.
    While all this is going on I come to find out it’s the season premiere of America’s Next Top Model. What?! Quick get me to the DVR! We’ll have to deal with that later. I’m trying to get ready for Project Runway and the fact that I’ve got to watch the RNC and The Sara Palin speech. Then I find out the the new Top Design Show is Premiering. It’s overload. Yikes! I’ll handle what I can. It was Project Runway while blogging notes then the DH and I watched the convention while multi-tasking kids, lunch, school and yelling “what tha blank did she just say!” through the house.
    Now for the fun of Project Runway.
    Project Runway is on with no Shaggy Keith, but some tired designers. Tim comes to the designers on the Runway with Heidi and tells them they are designing for a fashion legend. He takes them immediately to meet the legend. They are walking and walking. For some reason Blayne wants it to be Mary Kate Olson. Why? He is a strange bird.
    They arrive at Diane von Furstenberg’s showroom and Kenley in ready to burst into tears. Sweet. Someone tase her. They have to design an outfit inspired by the 1948 movie A Foreign Affair with Marlene Dietrich. This sounds like a really fun challenge. And the winning look will be sold to American Express card members and some proceeds going to the CFDA Fund. The designers even get to rummage in Diane’s fabric closet. Yummy!
    Back in the work room and Suede launches into 3rd person. He’s back to normal which is so not.
    Blayne is doing Flashdance in his own look with this crazy headband but I’m taken by his sketching ability. Fierce.
    Joe is ragging on Terri. Why? Kenley is doing a dress and very worried about it. Stella is taking the spy theme quite far and being a secretive. Cool. Plus she pulled out this low brimmed hat to design in so no one can see her eyes. I’m suspicious.
    Grim Tim comes in for this walk though.
    Suede. Tim doesn’t get it.
    Leanne-Jacket needs work. Think about it.
    Joe- Shanghai ambitious.
    Korto-design is growing on Tim
    Stella-Doesn’t know where the inspiration woman is from. I see a problem here.
    Kenley- Tim sees Shanghai. He likes it.
    Runway day, Hooray! But I’m afraid lots of the designs still look a hot mess. Joe? Stella?
    But let’s get to the Runway. Here we go…

    Joe- No. No. No.

    Leanne –Yes! Lovely dress. Love the back.


    Jerell-Yes, but lose the hats already.
    Korto-yes. Pretty yellow.

    Blayne-yes jacket- no to the pantlets.
    Suede-ok? No not really?

    Stella-No. What’s with the cape.

    Kenley-yes. Lovely dress. Perfect fit.

    The winner is Leanne. It’s her second. Win is a row. Wow. Leanne goes from under the radar to a formidable competitor. Nice.

    And out this week is Stella. I’m shocked. I would have sworn it would be have been Joe with that wackiness he did this week. But Stella seemes like shes ready to go. The woman is taking her pleather cape, black eyeliner and she is out. Tim is like Buh-bye! Strange night.

    We’ll talk more reality once I catch up. Later!

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    Back to School!

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is confused today. It’s the first day of school and he’s wondering where the heck everyone went off to?

    Today is the first day of school. I can’t believe it. I’ve actually got sophomores in high school. I’m way too young for that. Aren’t I? Come on please agree with me. As with every other first day of school. I got all choked up. I can’t help it. I always cry when my babies go off to school. As much as they make me crazy it always tears me up to let them go. My wish for them is a successful and happy year with low drama and lots of laughs. Fingers crossed. Check them out from a great day in Central Park so many years ago. Oh my Dear Twins go forth and do well!

    Switching Gears…

    I know my little writing blog has been extremely political as of late and I do apologize if I’m boring or offending anyone, but this is just what’s on my mind right now and hey, it’s my blog. I will get happy soon. Hey, Project Runway comes on tonight! Meanwhile…I may get in a little trouble here, but I’m writing anyway.

    Today I can’t help but talk more about VP pick Palin and what’s going on in her family and the whole spin that’s being put on it. I’m not coming down on the daughter here. I’m with Barack on that. I’m coming down on the party and the wacky spin that’s being put on it. Why do I feel like it’s being used as a stepping stone on the way to the White House? Something doesn’t sit right with me on that.

    Talk about hypocrisy. Suddenly teenage out of wedlock pregnancy is not a big deal when it’s someone on the right side of the American flag. I can’t help but wonder if it would be a completely different story if it had happened to a girl from the left side of the tracks. It amazes me that they can put smiles on their faces and say it’s ok that this young girl is having a baby at such an early age. How many times have I seen a Stepford smile over they past few days and someone saying that this is an everyday occurrence and not a big deal. Who is supposed to be drinking this Kool Aid? Why is nothing is being said about how her life will change and how many opportunities she may miss? What are we supposed to tell our daughters when they say, “see what’s the big deal? The Vice President’s daughter did it?”

    I wonder if Gov. Palin, if she’s elected, will set up adequate funding for all the young unwed mothers in the inner city who do not have strong families behind them with moose hunting mamas and papas that can’t arrange shotgun weddings, but instead find themselves pregnant and without the father in sight, but only Maury Povich and a sorry paternity test?
    Will she fund programs that provide health care for the mothers and the babies or help those mothers get back on track with their lives once the babies are born? I wonder. The whole thing boggles my mind and weighs heavy on my heart. What say you people? Give it to me.