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Yep, She did it again

What’s Jack up to? That Jack has kept us on our toes this weekend. Why he still insists on running around the block like a nut when he sees fit is beyond me. I swear that dog has no home training. Whose dog is that?

Happy Monday!

So we finally had our first presidential debate. Too bad after all the build up and hype I was exhausted and ready to fall asleep by the time the thing finally started. (I blame the Prosecco and Megan’s post for that:) I will say was glad McCain showed up. Seems like all his practicing paid off. Guess all that talk about suspending his campaigning was just talk. But too me and most of the polls out there Barack did what he had to do by stopping him is his tracks when he was spouting his agenda instead of actually answering the questions at hand. And parties aside, let’s admit, Barack just seemed more presidential.

But, I’d have like them both to have stayed little more on point. Too bad I couldn’t have been in charge. I’d have been all, “hey you didn’t specifically answer my question!” There would have been none of that, “speak to him stuff.”

But I’m sure Thursday will be a whole different ball of wax. Bring on Thursday. Biden/Palin all the way. I can’t wait to see SNL reacreate that thing.

To that… Oops she did it again. That Tina Fey is so it.

Reality Sidebar: The coolest reality gameshow ev-ah started again last night. The Amazing Race is back. Yay!! Anybody else watching?