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    I’m Smitten

    What’s Jack up to? Jack has been busy wandering around sneaking up to the kids room every chance he gets to see what trouble he can get into. Unfortunately with the Dear Twins messy rooms. It’s usually a lot.

    Wow! I had so much fun reading the comments from yesterday’s Whats Your Number post. It was so interesting. Very telling to me about how secure some of us are in our weight and it clearly depends on where you are in your relationship with your weight. We’ll have to do more of that type of polling here.

    I’m happy to announce that the winner of the Barnes and Noble Gift card for making a comment on my interview over at Romance Writers on The Journey was Hope! We did the drawing at knitting the other day. The winning name was pulled by the lovely PVE. And, Yep, I resisted all those sweets. Notice Jack’s no sneaking gate in the corner.

    Now, I’m sure it’s no secret here, but I am positively smitten with Michelle Obama. Cut to me with the silly school girl grin each time she shows up at some high powered Washington function looking like the coolest cucumber in the room.

    I’ll be picking up this week’s People magazine for sure. I have to say although I was/am no fan of Mr. Bush, surprise, surprise, I always liked Mrs. Bush and admired her class and grace. Hey there’s no accounting for who you fall in Love with.

    But in Michelle I see an every woman, some of me, some of my friends and it just makes me smile. Such a modern woman, perfect for this time.



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    Happy President’s Day!

    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s wishing you all a Happy President’s Day.

    Sure there is plenty to be down about with this economy, but so many more reasons to hope. So what do you all think? Jack for Commerce Secretary?



    Anybody checking out reality tv? Survivor is back with the early crazy along with The Amazing Race. And I’m so excited to say The Not So Real Housewives of the NYC premiers tomorrow. I really wasn’t into the OC, but you know I’m all about New York. I’ll be watching. If only for Alex and Simon on the beach.

    P.P.S. make your own Obamicon here

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    At Last

    Welcome President And Mrs. Obama!

    And what a welcome it was. Yesterday was all I dreamed it would be and more. A day full of joy and emotion. I was so happy to be able to share it with my family. The sweet call from the DH right before Barack took the oath made my day.

    The president’s inauguration speech was a call to arms for all of us that could not be ignored. I loved it when he said it was time to put away childish things. Amen. Time to grow up everybody. Stop being petty, put childish differences aside and do what you have to do for what is right.

    And how happy am I that fashion is BACK! Michelle hit it out of the park. I thought she was so beautiful in her Isabel Toledo walking suit. That golden color out shined everyone. And the woman can even accessorize with color well. She may even get this New Yorker in color looking that good. Maybe.

    And her white Jason Wu ball gown was ethereal.

    She was floating as they danced to At Last sung by Beyonce at the Neighborhood Ball. This had to be the most romantic presidential dance yet. A collective Aww… heard around the world. With the champagne flowing in my house I had to get up and dance too, pulling the DH and the DS to dance with me. I could not contain my glee and the Dear Son could not stop laughing at me. Oh well.

    The hard work is ahead in so many ways but I’m feeling so inspired. How about you? I hope I’m still a little giddy when I go back to regularly scheduled posts.


    P.S. What to keep the good times rolling? Check out this video thanks to Sula by Will. I. Am. Thanks Sula!

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    This is the day…

    What’s Jack up to? Oh that Jack, what a stinker. When our backs were turned yesterday and we were out shoveling snow (again) I see him come and peek at us by the door and then disappear. Hmm… he usually hangs and watches. Oh well, I should have known something was up. By the time I got back in the house Jack had gotten into the trash where he had sniffed out the remnants of the kid’s birthday cake and had pulled it all out to the floor and was having a ol’ time. Ugh!

    Today is the day and I could not be happier! What a dream come true. My kids have the day off from school so we will be in Harlem today with Nana having breakfast and watching the inauguration. There will be plenty of cheers and tears.

    I still remember the chill I got when I first heard Barack Obama speak at the DNC 4 years ago. I knew then he was something special and I was seeing our first Black president. It’s so good to hear the DH say now that I called it. As a wife I just love that. Here is a little bit from that speech.
    And here we are now. Whew. I’m overwhelmed.

    My prayers go out to our new president, vice president, their families and the entire administration. To all of you that worked so hard making calls, putting up signs, talking to neighbors and friends or just getting out the vote, thanks so much. No matter what side of the aisle you are on I hope that this is the beginning of better days ahead. We need them. See you tomorrow where we can ‘chat’ more.


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    MLK Monday

    I hope everyone had a good weekend and are enjoying the Martin Luther King Holiday today, spending time with your family, thinking of what you can do for your fellow man and reflecting on the values of Dr. King. This holiday is especially special with what will take place tomorrow with the swearing in of our 44th president, Barack Obama, his victory made possible by the efforts of the great MLK.

    Of course the world does not change overnight but I’m feeling so hopeful and proud of the very significant change that will take place tomorrow. A New Day is coming. How will you welcome it? Me? I will with a grateful heart.


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    Why Is She Still Talking?

    Fair warning. This post won’t be for everyone, but it’s my blog and hey, well, that’s that. Smooches.

    So, why is she still talking and at 7:15 in the morning? I’ll tell you why. To let me know that all is right with the world and there is plenty out there for me to still get pissed off about every day. Yahoo! Life is good.

    You see life would not be right with a world full of like minded rational thinkers willing to look at different viewpoints and ideas and still keep a cool head. Not be quick to add labels and place false blame. Come on, “The Exaltation of single-motherhood by the liberal media” What is she talking about? And the constant obnoxious use of our new president’s middle name. So cute huh? You betcha.

    But without people like her we’d be woefully out of balance. So I don’t really get too bent out of shape by our prickly, narcissistic, stick figure, Ann here. Oh crap, now I need to smack myself. There I go doing that labeling thing I just looked down on. Sorrrrry. Not. Back to the point. I don’t mind Ann all that much, talking loud, stupid and often. After a while it all has to shine through. You see it’s when folks like her are quiet that I get really nervous.


    P.S. Scroll down for the the lighter fare of Top Chef.

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    Shoe In

    What’s Jack up to? Right now he’s cozy under my bed and breathing pretty deep. I suspect he’s snoring. Jack you are so not sleeping under there. You have you own bed. Sorry dude.

    So I just can’t get the whole crazy shoe incident with the president out of my mind and it seems that others can’t either. Who knew he had such cat like reflexes? Kudos. I’d have been clocked in the noggin with the first one.

    Well it seems that this has started an irate shoe trend. True story: here in New York a man very upset over budget cuts and fare hikes came into an MTA transit meeting to throw a shoe at the MTA head yelling, “This shoe’s for you!” Seriously.

    Is this the beginning of a whole new form of protest?

    Hey it’s better than heavy artillery, unless you pull out all the stops, say a Manolo Blahnik or a Christian Louboutin. Now that could prove deadly.

    Gorgeous, but deadly.

    image thanks to saks

    Scroll down for TOP CHEF talk.


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    Along with that down there. I wanted to say bravo to this opinion right here from Timothy Egan on Joe The Plumber’s 24.95 book. I’ve wanted to talk about this for a while but I just couldn’t find the diplomatic words. He did.
    Just why? How? What? Enough.

    And please scroll down see Jack and smile!

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    A New Day!

    What Jack up to? Jack is celebrating of course! It’s extra treats all around.

    Today my joy is almost immeasurable. A new day is truly dawning. When I cast my vote yesterday for Barack Obama I could not stop myself from grinning. The promise of America felt like it was being fulfilled and now it looks like it actually has.

    The words “you can be anything you want, even the president someday,” said to my Black children are no longer just words.

    This country, much of it built literally on the backs of slaves, will now be lead by an African American. This is an amazing day. A great day. Dreams that I have for my children and possible grandchildren are now so much closer that I feel a can just reach out my hand and touch them.

    There is a new standard of excellence. The bar has been raised to the highest point, not lowered or left at the same spot and I am so thankful for that. A CHANGE has come.

    Go on out and help organize your community. It does a country good.

    The work is just beginning and the healing starts with the children. The world is changing. For the better.


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    What’s Jack up to? Jack is working my last nerve. The Dear Dog is is in so much trouble. Twice he has peed (sorry to be so blunt) in a spot that he hasn’t for ages. What’s with that? Is Jack as nervous about today as I am? I know he’d better get it together because I’m not happy with wet socks.

    Well today is the day folks. Finally. Let’s all get out there and be heard. No matter your political lean it’s your responsibility to vote or shut up. I know I don’t plan to shut up any time soon so I’m headed out early. What about you?

    My sincere hope for us all is a better future than our past.