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Why Is She Still Talking?

Fair warning. This post won’t be for everyone, but it’s my blog and hey, well, that’s that. Smooches.

So, why is she still talking and at 7:15 in the morning? I’ll tell you why. To let me know that all is right with the world and there is plenty out there for me to still get pissed off about every day. Yahoo! Life is good.

You see life would not be right with a world full of like minded rational thinkers willing to look at different viewpoints and ideas and still keep a cool head. Not be quick to add labels and place false blame. Come on, “The Exaltation of single-motherhood by the liberal media” What is she talking about? And the constant obnoxious use of our new president’s middle name. So cute huh? You betcha.

But without people like her we’d be woefully out of balance. So I don’t really get too bent out of shape by our prickly, narcissistic, stick figure, Ann here. Oh crap, now I need to smack myself. There I go doing that labeling thing I just looked down on. Sorrrrry. Not. Back to the point. I don’t mind Ann all that much, talking loud, stupid and often. After a while it all has to shine through. You see it’s when folks like her are quiet that I get really nervous.


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