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Is a Year Too Long To Wait?

Like some tortured romance heroine I’ve been waiting a year for this man to come back into my life.

Sad isn’t it? But very true. I’ve been pining away for him to make my Sunday nights exciting again. No offence, DH, but he’s Jack.
Jack Bauer.
Ever since the very first episode of 24 I’ve been hooked on Jack. My husband and the twins swear that I named our dear little dog Jack after him.

I tell them, no. I’ve always loved the name Jack. It’s was my grandfather’s nickname and I think the name, Jack Jackson sounds like an action hero. Very fitting for my wild dog. But if I’m honest, then sure, part of the appeal of the name came from Jack Bauer.
He’s just like I like my heroes, tortured and completely alpha.

Besides the man can save the world in 24 hours. Be still my heart. And he does it without asking a thing of me. Making all the decisions rather right or wrong, thankfully usually right. Totally take charge, never wavering and never asking me to do anything. Not, what’s for dinner, where’s the checkbook, what time is practice, any clean socks, can I go out Saturday, Can She go out Saturday, Should we switch insurance, Did we pay the insurance, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…

Sure the whole take total charge thing could get old about a minute after 24 hours but sometimes a woman needs that escape. Loves it!

24 is back baby. You’ll know where I’ll be on Sunday night.