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    I Could Have Sat That One Out

    This Time magazine cover made me want to sick out my tongue and say nana-nana-na-na to just about every one with their “well meaning” advice.

    The article says that exercise does not bring about weight loss, but that exercise may cause people to actually eat more. The more physically active you are the hungrier you will get and the more you will eat. And it’s not just about willpower. Whew, good to know it’s not just me.
    “From a weight-loss perspective, you would have been better off sitting on the sofa knitting. ”

    Ha! Maybe not entirely accurate, but I love that quote.

    Now I’m not saying there’s nothing to exercise for a health and toning perspective. As a matter of fact I just got Jillian Michaels’ The Shred and I need to hop on it. But I’m under no illusions that it’s what’s going to get me losing weight. It’s the whole mind, body, food connection that will work.

    For weight loss it’s all calories in vs. calories out. Not how much you kill yourself at the gym. Read the full Time article here. and chime in.

    So, what do you think?

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    I’m Smitten

    What’s Jack up to? Jack has been busy wandering around sneaking up to the kids room every chance he gets to see what trouble he can get into. Unfortunately with the Dear Twins messy rooms. It’s usually a lot.

    Wow! I had so much fun reading the comments from yesterday’s Whats Your Number post. It was so interesting. Very telling to me about how secure some of us are in our weight and it clearly depends on where you are in your relationship with your weight. We’ll have to do more of that type of polling here.

    I’m happy to announce that the winner of the Barnes and Noble Gift card for making a comment on my interview over at Romance Writers on The Journey was Hope! We did the drawing at knitting the other day. The winning name was pulled by the lovely PVE. And, Yep, I resisted all those sweets. Notice Jack’s no sneaking gate in the corner.

    Now, I’m sure it’s no secret here, but I am positively smitten with Michelle Obama. Cut to me with the silly school girl grin each time she shows up at some high powered Washington function looking like the coolest cucumber in the room.

    I’ll be picking up this week’s People magazine for sure. I have to say although I was/am no fan of Mr. Bush, surprise, surprise, I always liked Mrs. Bush and admired her class and grace. Hey there’s no accounting for who you fall in Love with.

    But in Michelle I see an every woman, some of me, some of my friends and it just makes me smile. Such a modern woman, perfect for this time.



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    Are you all still on holiday or is it back to the grind for most of you? Right now for me it’s that strange limbo week between Christmas and New Years where the kids are out of school, but my DH is working so it’s not really a holiday anymore, but not quite routine and I’m busy, busy, busy.

    This week for me is also the week of reflections where I’ll look back on 2008 and will say a happy sayonara to it. Also it’s the week where I start to look forward to 2009 with a bit of fear (must work on that. I think it’s the artist way) and lots of hopefulness for better days ahead.

    This image came up when I did a search at the MET using the keyword ‘limbo’ It’s by van Gogh and I had never seen it before. Don’t ask me where it’s hanging or even if it is. I’ve been to The Met more times than I can count in my life as it’s probably my favorite place in New York since I was a child, but I’ve never seen this. It’s instant love and now I’m dying to see it in real life.

    Wanting to get a jump on the January 1 rush, I was up the morning after Christmas and off to Weight Watchers to get back on track with that. Go me! So far I had not fully embraced the new program (old one either) and the Monday meetings were just not working out. Too much weekend downfall and the singing, well, that’s another story. So I went back to Friday and had a few minutes of one on one time with the leader for a better understanding of the new program.

    Yay Me! Yay you too!

    Happy Monday.


    Image: Artist Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, 1853–1890)Title : The Potato Peeler Date 1885

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    What’s Jack up to? Jack is so fickle lately. We’re having a terrible time getting him to go outside in the morning. He is so not into the cold weather. Running and hiding under the bed and making the DH late for work. Sorry bud. It is what it is and you have to get your walk.

    I’ve been terribly unmotivated since returning from Savannah. Running is painful. Really painful and it’s oh so cold. It’s seems to have gotten deep into my bones and they won’t loosen up enough to go the distance to get in ½ hour on the Dreadmil. I find myself barely able to handle a brisk walk. I know it will be a fight through each and every exercise session during these winter months.

    So I took my very sluggish behind to Weight Watchers for a weigh in and to be introduced to the new program that came out this week. 2 problems:

    No.1. This may not be a problem just an uncomfortable change but once again Weight Watchers has turned the WW diet world upside down and come up with a totally new plan. No more flex and core plans but now a new flex/core hybrid (much like the auto industry) called Momentum. It seems to require lots of studying and new math. Oh joy.

    No.2. I’ve decided to jump start my motivation by changing my day. (Ok the other day interfered with a breakfast date with friends. Shhh don’t be quiet.) This means a new group and leader. More change. And here’s the kicker. They actually sang at the end of the meeting. Seriously, took a popular song and gave it WW lyrics. Cut to my jaw dropping. Too much even for me. I may have to go back for sure now just to see what they sing next week. I guess that’s motivation enough. Pretty slick trick leader.
    Weight loss is such a hard thing that the words “hard thing” are too weak to describe it. It’s a tiny percent physical. Mostly mental. And then there are these strange chemical things that go on that effect everything. All of it adding up to a big old mess. I’m currently watching GMA and they are talking about Lady O and how once again she’s struggling with her weight. I know there are some that won’t have sympathy with that, but I do. Weight loss and keeping weight off is such a tough thing to do while living an easy happy life. I’m feeling for you O.

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    Manic Monday

    What’s Jack Up to? He’s shaking of the rain after his walk this morning and marveling over the quiet of the house. Whew. Could it be we’re alone again, Jack?

    The weekend and Spring Break are both over and it’s back to the grind. It was nice to have a week without the daily push and shove, but it will also be nice to have a few hours of alone time in the house again. Possibly a few house of writing time once all the missed errands of the week are done in a a day or two. Can you say laundry?

    This weekend before all the yard work the DH and I were super nosey and went to see a house that doesn’t know there’s a recession going on and gas is at 4.00 a gallon. It’s in walking distance from our house and we’ve watched this mini-mansion being built for the past year and a half so when the sign went up for an open house I was practically running over there acting like at potential buyer.

    Of course we started going back and fourth about what the asking price would be in this NY suburb. DH went low which was not low at all and I went considerably higher considering the schools and the town.

    As we were walking one of our neighbors drove by and asked where we were going and we told him. “Oh you gotta tell me what they want for that thing when you get back!” he said with excitement.

    Real estate is a funny thing. We live in a town where the houses go from modest cottages (like ours) to just a few blocks over Mc Mansions that need intercom systems to call every one to dinner. And in the end it’s all about the school. I often say, “we didn’t buy a house we brought a school.”

    Well, I’m proud to say I know my high end real estate. I priced it perfectly at 1.6 mil. Cra-zy. The house is gorgeous. Drool worthy. 4 bedrooms. Office. Great room with vaulted ceiling and stone 2 story fireplace. Basement ready to be finished as you like included in the price. I imagined a small theater and billiard room. The DH a 2 lane bowling alley. But still, 1.6 mil. I sure hope it sells. Will be great for my property value. Hmmm, must go and sweep the cottage steps.

    Since it’s Monday, that also has me thinking about dieting. I’ve been doing so poorly. So I’m shaking things up. I’ve been on WW forever and not really following it forever. Usually being done with my points by around 12:00. But instead of giving up on WW I’m shaking things up by going on core today where you eliminate the white products but get whole grains and fruits. It’s more limiting than flex with the food choices but maybe that’s what I need. Wish me luck. Let’s see if I can make it till 3:00 today. Eek.

    Oh, and once again the winner of the Liza Palmer Seeing Me Naked contest was Brown Girl Gumbo. See below and if you missed the interview click here. Liza was so inspiring. Thanks Liza!


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    Tennis Anyone?

    What’s Jack up to? Today he’s feeling frisky and for some reason flipping around on the couch like its a trampoline. What up with that, Jack?

    So, here’s something to ponder. Another, what up with that?

    What’s up with Little Miss Size 2 walking into the WW meeting in 20 degree weather wearing a little zip top and a tennis skirt?No coat, no pants, no leggings, no nothing? Just the tiny tennis skirt. Now, I know I may sound petty, but come on!
    It’s a WW meeting! What ya trying to prove Size 2?
    Is there 5 lbs in your feet that’s really bugging you and has you running off the court and to an organized diet program? I know you may be a lifetime member and a huge success and all, but did you have to prance back and forth before choosing your seat just to make sure we all could see you?
    Watch out. The mother of the wiggling 1 1/2 year old wanted to trip you up. Next time sit down and put some sweatpants on!

    All that said, just you wait until summer when I’m sashaying in there in my tennis skirt!
    Rant over. Enjoy the weekend.