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    Hell Week Part Deux

    What’s Jack up to? The sweetie is still in the NYC as I write this. I’m on my way to get him in a bit so we’ll see how he is once he returns home. Will he be a Harlem dog when he gets back?

    So the DH and I had a lovely weekend filled with good friends, cocktails and lots of food. I’m suffering from a lobster hangover after attending a lobster fest this weekend where I tried to eat my weight in lobster. Ouch! The weekend started lovely and I actually dressed up and and went to a cocktail party at a good friends house. She’s an artist and friend to this blog and super chic and her cocktail party was a lovely summer night event held on her back stone patio.

    Everyone said it felt like we were in Europe somewhere. Since I’ve never attended a chic cocktail party in Europe I took their word for it and agreed.

    Then it was on to the weekend lobster fest where on the first night I proudly held my own at poker with some of my DH’s buddies and represented for the ladies and on the next day and held my own with the lobster. Whew. I’m tired.

    Now onto Hell week part 2 with the Dear Twins. Maybe I should start to call them the Wonder Twins. Anybody remember them from the Super Friends? Sorry, side thought.

    Anyhoo… I’m reading Janet Evanovich’s Full House . It’s Fun and a change of pace from last week’s historical, but I must admit I have Philippa Gregory’s The Virgin’s Lover and I may have to crack that open this week too. It’s calling my name.

    What are you up to this week?


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    Manic Monday

    What’s Jack Up to? He’s shaking of the rain after his walk this morning and marveling over the quiet of the house. Whew. Could it be we’re alone again, Jack?

    The weekend and Spring Break are both over and it’s back to the grind. It was nice to have a week without the daily push and shove, but it will also be nice to have a few hours of alone time in the house again. Possibly a few house of writing time once all the missed errands of the week are done in a a day or two. Can you say laundry?

    This weekend before all the yard work the DH and I were super nosey and went to see a house that doesn’t know there’s a recession going on and gas is at 4.00 a gallon. It’s in walking distance from our house and we’ve watched this mini-mansion being built for the past year and a half so when the sign went up for an open house I was practically running over there acting like at potential buyer.

    Of course we started going back and fourth about what the asking price would be in this NY suburb. DH went low which was not low at all and I went considerably higher considering the schools and the town.

    As we were walking one of our neighbors drove by and asked where we were going and we told him. “Oh you gotta tell me what they want for that thing when you get back!” he said with excitement.

    Real estate is a funny thing. We live in a town where the houses go from modest cottages (like ours) to just a few blocks over Mc Mansions that need intercom systems to call every one to dinner. And in the end it’s all about the school. I often say, “we didn’t buy a house we brought a school.”

    Well, I’m proud to say I know my high end real estate. I priced it perfectly at 1.6 mil. Cra-zy. The house is gorgeous. Drool worthy. 4 bedrooms. Office. Great room with vaulted ceiling and stone 2 story fireplace. Basement ready to be finished as you like included in the price. I imagined a small theater and billiard room. The DH a 2 lane bowling alley. But still, 1.6 mil. I sure hope it sells. Will be great for my property value. Hmmm, must go and sweep the cottage steps.

    Since it’s Monday, that also has me thinking about dieting. I’ve been doing so poorly. So I’m shaking things up. I’ve been on WW forever and not really following it forever. Usually being done with my points by around 12:00. But instead of giving up on WW I’m shaking things up by going on core today where you eliminate the white products but get whole grains and fruits. It’s more limiting than flex with the food choices but maybe that’s what I need. Wish me luck. Let’s see if I can make it till 3:00 today. Eek.

    Oh, and once again the winner of the Liza Palmer Seeing Me Naked contest was Brown Girl Gumbo. See below and if you missed the interview click here. Liza was so inspiring. Thanks Liza!