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Tennis Anyone?

What’s Jack up to? Today he’s feeling frisky and for some reason flipping around on the couch like its a trampoline. What up with that, Jack?

So, here’s something to ponder. Another, what up with that?

What’s up with Little Miss Size 2 walking into the WW meeting in 20 degree weather wearing a little zip top and a tennis skirt?No coat, no pants, no leggings, no nothing? Just the tiny tennis skirt. Now, I know I may sound petty, but come on!
It’s a WW meeting! What ya trying to prove Size 2?
Is there 5 lbs in your feet that’s really bugging you and has you running off the court and to an organized diet program? I know you may be a lifetime member and a huge success and all, but did you have to prance back and forth before choosing your seat just to make sure we all could see you?
Watch out. The mother of the wiggling 1 1/2 year old wanted to trip you up. Next time sit down and put some sweatpants on!

All that said, just you wait until summer when I’m sashaying in there in my tennis skirt!
Rant over. Enjoy the weekend.