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Are you all still on holiday or is it back to the grind for most of you? Right now for me it’s that strange limbo week between Christmas and New Years where the kids are out of school, but my DH is working so it’s not really a holiday anymore, but not quite routine and I’m busy, busy, busy.

This week for me is also the week of reflections where I’ll look back on 2008 and will say a happy sayonara to it. Also it’s the week where I start to look forward to 2009 with a bit of fear (must work on that. I think it’s the artist way) and lots of hopefulness for better days ahead.

This image came up when I did a search at the MET using the keyword ‘limbo’ It’s by van Gogh and I had never seen it before. Don’t ask me where it’s hanging or even if it is. I’ve been to The Met more times than I can count in my life as it’s probably my favorite place in New York since I was a child, but I’ve never seen this. It’s instant love and now I’m dying to see it in real life.

Wanting to get a jump on the January 1 rush, I was up the morning after Christmas and off to Weight Watchers to get back on track with that. Go me! So far I had not fully embraced the new program (old one either) and the Monday meetings were just not working out. Too much weekend downfall and the singing, well, that’s another story. So I went back to Friday and had a few minutes of one on one time with the leader for a better understanding of the new program.

Yay Me! Yay you too!

Happy Monday.


Image: Artist Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, 1853–1890)Title : The Potato Peeler Date 1885