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Shoe In

What’s Jack up to? Right now he’s cozy under my bed and breathing pretty deep. I suspect he’s snoring. Jack you are so not sleeping under there. You have you own bed. Sorry dude.

So I just can’t get the whole crazy shoe incident with the president out of my mind and it seems that others can’t either. Who knew he had such cat like reflexes? Kudos. I’d have been clocked in the noggin with the first one.

Well it seems that this has started an irate shoe trend. True story: here in New York a man very upset over budget cuts and fare hikes came into an MTA transit meeting to throw a shoe at the MTA head yelling, “This shoe’s for you!” Seriously.

Is this the beginning of a whole new form of protest?

Hey it’s better than heavy artillery, unless you pull out all the stops, say a Manolo Blahnik or a Christian Louboutin. Now that could prove deadly.

Gorgeous, but deadly.

image thanks to saks

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